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• 10/6/2018

Tak's return

You know I've been thinking about the Invader Zim film, and I have a strong feeling Tak's gonna end up playing a pretty large part rather than what was depicted in the trailer.

I mean not only did her voice actress pretty much confirm she was reprising her voice, but it's also strange that we haven't seen Tak whatsoever in the comics so far.

But even if it's true, I still can't exactly picture how someone like her is going to end up returning. what do you guys think?
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• 7/24/2018

LazyTown wikis

Go to and !
This isn't Zim-related but I love LazyTown.
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• 7/2/2018

Looking for the Volume 2 DVD Chapters and Extras Guide booklet

I'd LOVE a scan of it, so I can print it and put it in my DVD case, but I'd be happy to get the list of chapters per episode.
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• 6/28/2018

Enter The Florpus! predictions and theories

So, we still have most of a month until we get any preview stuff for the movie. Until then, let's discuss possible theories on what we think is going to happen.

My personal theory is that the Florpus is some new alien that comes to conquer Earth and, just like when Tak showed up, Zim and Dib are going to be forced to team up against it.

Anyone have any other theories or predictions?
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• 6/23/2018
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• 6/4/2018

A boredom RP chat

my boredom is so bad also I love Dib
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• 2/26/2018

Trying to identify a screenshot

Trying to figure out what episode this is from. Anyone remember?
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• 1/31/2018

Gretchen article name

So, here's something that's been bothering me for a while. Why is the page for Gretchen titled "Gretchen (Character)"? That is an oddly specific add-on, given that there's no other pages sharing Gretchen's name, and no other characters have that subtitle on their page, so why should hers?

Basically, what I'm asking is, is there a way to change article titles? Because if there is, we should do so to remove the (Character) bit.
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• 10/20/2017

Welcome to the Invader ZIM Wiki Discussion Section (AND Q&A's)

Yesterday, I sent a request to the FANDOM staff to install Discussions into our wikia and apparently it's here now. Feel free to try it out and start a conversation.

Q: Why did you add Discussions?
A: It's due to a lot of reasons and the way our certain wikia is set up. Before Disscussions were added, the only real place to have a discussion with other contributors were the talk page (let's be honest, nobody uses talk pages anymore to interact besides editing) or Blogs. There is no comment section on the wiki because it would be a hassle to find and delete inappropriate or spam comments on every page, so it's just easier if we had one section.

Q: Why not add Forums?
A: Unfortunately, FANDOM is apparently slowly phasing it out. They removed the option to add Forums to newer wikis so it was kind of a red light that eventually they'll get rid of Forums down the road. Discuss was created by FANDOM to replace the Forums so I thought it would be better is we added it instead of having to get used to it later.

Well, that's all for now. Give the section a try out run for me.
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