Welcome to the Invader ZIM Wiki Discussion Section (AND Q&A's)

Yesterday, I sent a request to the FANDOM staff to install Discussions into our wikia and apparently it's here now. Feel free to try it out and start a conversation.

Q: Why did you add Discussions?
A: It's due to a lot of reasons and the way our certain wikia is set up. Before Disscussions were added, the only real place to have a discussion with other contributors were the talk page (let's be honest, nobody uses talk pages anymore to interact besides editing) or Blogs. There is no comment section on the wiki because it would be a hassle to find and delete inappropriate or spam comments on every page, so it's just easier if we had one section.

Q: Why not add Forums?
A: Unfortunately, FANDOM is apparently slowly phasing it out. They removed the option to add Forums to newer wikis so it was kind of a red light that eventually they'll get rid of Forums down the road. Discuss was created by FANDOM to replace the Forums so I thought it would be better is we added it instead of having to get used to it later.

Well, that's all for now. Give the section a try out run for me.