Acne Blast Man.

Acne Blast is a fictional brand of acne medication that was featured in the episode, "Rise of the Zitboy" and made a cameo appearance in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl".

The company had a commercial of a teenager suffering from a horribly deformed pimple, and eventually being "saved" by the flying mascot, Acne Blast Man. The commercial was featured in both episodes that the brand appeared in. This product is shown to cause extreme pain when removing large pimples.

A bottle of Acne Blast is featured in Rise of the Zitboy, shown briefly as GIR eats from it. It is unknown if it even works, for it made Zim's own pimple, Pustulio, become even worse. Then again, it is possible that it only works on humans, as it was intended for their use.


Acne Blast Commercial

An Acne Blast commercial.

It is a parody of many acne cream products.

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