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Almighty Tallest (Red and Purple)
Red and Purple talking about Zim.png
Homeworld Irk
Assignment To rule the Irken Empire
Rank Tallest
Gender Male (current rulers, until they went MIA)
Any gender (previous and future rulers)
Eye Color Red and Purple (current rulers, MIA)
First appearance The Nightmare Begins

The Almighty Tallest are the central antagonists of the 2000-2006 television series Invader Zim, and the overarching antagonists of the 2019 Netflix film Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.

They are the leaders of the Irken Empire. As the name suggests, they are the tallest known Irken alive and they have virtually absolute power, besides the Control Brains.


Tallest Red and Purple literally "looking down" on the very short Invader Skoodge.

The Irken Empire has a hierarchical class structure in which shorter individuals are both figuratively and literally looked down upon. The tallest Irken alive at the time in a specific generation takes command of the entirety of the Empire.

However, in the event that two Irkens are exactly the same height, they'll rule simultaneously, such as in the case of Red and Purple.

In such a case, which is likely rare, the two may or may not take responsibility for different aspects of the Empire, something that may be alluded to by the general attitudes of Red and Purple, with Red being more outspoken, active, and generally "in-charge", and Purple generally paying more attention to eloquence, social situations, and creature comforts such as food or drink.

Irkens obey virtually every command the Tallest give, regardless of whether it is impulsive or not.

There's no known official enthronement ceremony for the Almighty Tallest, however, and the only confirmed ceremony's that in which the thumbs of the recently ascended Tallest are amputated (though it has been implied that the current Tallest have forgone this by simply hiding their thumbs inside their massive gauntlets. [citation needed]

The Irken race as a whole almost fanatically refers to their leaders as "My Tallest", highly akin to the way humans participating in a monarchical societal structure refer to their rulers only as "Your Majesty". As a general rule of both grammar and respect, "My Tallest" is never pluralized, even when two Tallest rule in tandem.

Presently, the two current Almighty Tallest, Red and Purple, travel around to observe and supervise Operation Impending Doom II in the Massive, the largest and most powerful ship in the Irken Armada. It also serves as Red and Purple's personal vessel. While they appear to have a casual interest in expanding the Empire, as well as take great amusement from watching the process of such, the two are rather lazy and prefer to spend most of their time lounging around and/or eating junk food.

Although they are seen to have the ability to do anything that they please, it's likely that they really just don't want to do anything else, content with their already-leisurely condition of life.

The Tallest lounging.

Although they are the same species as their subjects, the Almighty Tallest differ from their subordinates in many ways other than height: They appear to only have two fingers (as opposed to the normal Irken amount of 3), and their waists are unnaturally thin.

Explaining the former, it was stated by the Invader Zim crew that when a Tallest is chosen, their thumbs are usually chopped off in order to prove that they can rule without them.

Role in Invader Zim

The Almighty Tallest hold near-omnipotent power in the Irken Empire and are practically worshipped by their subjects. They regularly appear at major events and gatherings, either playing a major role or simply providing their presence to raise morale.

The Tallest on Probing Day.

For example, on an Irken holiday known as Probing Day, it's the duty of the Almighty Tallest to check up on all the Irken Invaders and ask them to conduct a presentation on how they plan to conquer their assigned planet.

However, as is to be expected, the generally-frivolous Red and Purple force the Invaders to instead do a puppet show on how they are going to conquer the planet. Failure to meet the Tallest's standards is met with punishment by whacking the individual on the head with mechanical mallets - referred to as a "pummeling". It's unknown how long this part of the tradition has been in place.


List of Known Tallest

The following table displays every known tallest in the order they have ruled.

Name Status
Almighty Tallest Miyuki Deceased †
Almighty Tallest Spork Deceased †
Almighty Tallest Red Fate Unknown
Almighty Tallest Purple Fate Unknown

Facts of Doom

  • Despite Red and Purple being the leaders of the Irken Empire, they are never seen on Irk either doing their role in leading their people or working to shape morale.
  • Red and Purple nearly died during "Backseat Drivers from Beyond the Stars", but unlike Tallest Miyuki and Tallest Spork who were killed by Zim, they were almost killed by Dib who flew the Massive towards a star.
  • Despite Zim being the main antagonist of the show, the comics and the film, the Almighty Tallest are far more dangerous than he is as they have all the power of the Irken Empire on their hands and an immense military armada which they can use to ravage and conquer multiple worlds. Indeed, the Tallest are far more evil than Zim, who just wants to prove his worth as an Irken Invader.
  • In Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, despite retaining their comedic traits, the Almighty Tallest are far more evil and depraved than in the series or comics. While in the show they disliked Zim and sometimes they didn't want to check up his "mission" to either focus on Operation Impending Doom II or eat snacks, when Zim contacts them after a long time the Tallest decide that they have had enough of him and resolve to blow up the Earth just to get rid of Zim once and for all, despite that millions of innocent people would also die as a result. But in the end, when the Earth is saved by the Membrane family, the Tallest, along with the Irken Armada, accidentally and idiotically enter the Florpus Hole, with their final transmission from Zim implicating that they were burning in a hell-like dimension as puppets for eternity, thus ending their conquering of worlds for good and possibly killing them in the process.
  • Jhonen Vasquez confirmed at Mexico Pixelatl 2019 that the Tallest are dead (for real this time), having died in the Florpus Hole in the dimension of fire, and presumably met their end shortly after Zim's transmission with them disconnected. However, since Invader Zim exists within a floating timeline, their current status may be up for debate.
  • The Tallest in Hell?

    Interestingly, the Tallest may have made a cameo apperance in the pilot episode of Hazbin Hotel as demonic silhouettes similar to the opening credits of Invader Zim. Since VivziPop is a fan of the show, she may had decided to make a reference that the Tallest are indeed dead and in Hell.
  • Purple has more lines than Red in the show.
  • In the Latin American dub of the show, the Tallest are never referred to as the Almighty Tallest. This is because when translated into Spanish it would be "Los Todo poderosos Más Altos", which is too long to translate; as a result, they are simply referred to as "Los Altos" (The Tallest), Mis Altos (My Tallest) or very rarely "Mis Altisimos" (My very Tallest).


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