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Almighty Tallest Spork
Trial Spork.jpg
Homeworld Irk
Assignment To rule the Irken Empire
Rank Almighty Tallest
Gender Male
First appearance The Trial

Almighty Tallest Spork is a cancelled character appearing only in the transcript and character sketches for “The Trial”. He was the successor of Almighty Tallest Miyuki and the predecessor of the current Tallests, Red and Purple.

Unlike all the other known Tallest, his eyes were quite small, rather than the rectangular or ovular shape of other known Tallest's eyes. His teeth also appeared to be separated (like human teeth), rather than the one long, zipper-like strip of enamel present in all other known Irkens.

He was going to make an appearance in "The Trial". His rule as the Almighty Tallest was much shorter than any other Tallest, as he was eaten by an energy absorbing blob created by Zim that burst in unexpectedly during a speech on his first day as Tallest. He seemed to demand more respect and loyalty than any other Almighty Tallest in Irk's history.

Zim had an inflatable version of Tallest Spork, and used it to escape from Tallest Red and Purple in "The Trial". It is unknown why Zim had an inflatable Spork.

Facts of Doom

  • Due to the cancellation of the series, it is unknown who his voice actor was going to be; although Rosearik Rikki Simons voiced him in InvaderCon II.
  • Just like Miyuki, it’s unknown what his colors were. Many fans depict him as having been green, but as no officially colored pictures of him exist, this is speculation.
  • He has a different design as shown in The Art of Invader Zim, depicting him as much shorter with a flag attached to his PAK saying "I'M TALL!".