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Name Amoebahemoth
Species Giant amoeba-shaped creature
First Appearance Quarterly 1
Voice Actor(s) None

The Amoebahemoth is a creature that appears in the first quarterly of the comic series.


As its name suggests, the Amoebahemoth is a giant amoeba-like creature. It is very large, with blue gelatinous skin and a distinct pair of eyes and a mouth.

It is unknown if it is sentient, but at the very least it is capable of having emotions, as it clearly shows both anger and joy at different points.

Beyond this, nothing is known about the Amoebahemoth, though as it's seen in Zim's base, it is presumably one of Zim's experiments that he created as part of one of his plans to conquer Earth. But as it spends its entire appearance sitting on top of him with an angry look on its face, he presumably lost control of it at some point, causing it to lash out at him.