Name Bacon
Type Food
Use(s) Eat
First Appearance Bestest Friend
Users Humans, GIR

Bacon is a type of dried meat product that is found on Earth, which appears several times in the series.


Bacon consists of flat, dried strips of cooked porcine flesh. It is usually crunchy, but can be floppy as well.

Role in Invader Zim

In "Bestest Friend", Keef at one point cooks bacon with GIR in Zim's base.

GIR himself is known for liking bacon (ironic, considering that his best friend is a pig), and once made the mistake of hugging his master while covered in pizza grease; panicked, Zim tried to clean off the stuff with a piece of soap that happened to have bacon in it.

It was this grease on his face that gave rise to the pus-filled head growth known as Pustulio.

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