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Invader Zim Episode
Title Card - Battle-Dib
Previous: Career Day
Next: Planet Jackers
Episode No: Episode 06b
Production No: 06b
Airdate: May 4, 2001
Writer(s): Jhonen Vasquez
Eric Trueheart

"Battle-Dib" is the 2nd segment in the 6th episode of the first season of Invader Zim. It first premiered on May 4, 2001, on Nickelodeon.

Plot Summary

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Probing the Membrane of Science (Battle-Dib)

When Dib finally manages to be permitted to present his findings on Zim to the Swollen Eyeball Network, he believes that he'll be able to put an end to Zim’s schemes, once and for all.

(Earlier in the day, Dib snatches a slice of pizza from Gaz as she is preparing to have some lunch in the living room). However, he needs his father to sign his permission slip, and, since his father is busy working on his television show, Dib must venture into the studio where his father is to get him to sign it; though he soon discovers that speaking to his father isn’t going to be as easy as it should be.
Battle-dib 1

Dib invokes Gaz's vengeance by snatching her pizza.

There, he is subjected to two tests: one written, and one where he must face off in battle against a brutish opponent named Shunk. Initially, Dib and Shunk agree to a tie (and manage to do so within the first two rounds), so they can both see Professor Membrane, but Gaz tricks Shunk to think that Dib was making fun of his head. Enraged, Shunk beats Dib in the final round, and he's dragged outside.

Before he can be cast out of the building, however, he runs into the professor, who doesn't even recognize him as his son, but as another fan. Membrane does in fact sign the permission slip (thinking it's an autograph), allowing Dib to go to the meeting. Unfortunately for Dib, however, he leaves the presentation behind.

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Facts of Doom


  • This is one of the three episodes that Zim doesn't appear in. This happens again in "Game Slave 2" and "The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot"; although a hologram of an Irken, most likely Zim, is seen, and Dib mentions Zim at the beginning.
    • Also, it's the third time GIR, the Skool, or Zim's Base don't appear.
    • All three mentioned episodes are Richard's least favorite episodes as Zim does not get a role.
  • While being dragged out of the building by security, Dib refers to his father as "Doctor Membrane", as opposed to Professor Membrane.
  • This is the only episode with a Swollen Eyeball agent seen with human eyes, instead of the normal glowing red eye disguise.
  • Gaz accidentally saves Zim's life in this episode. She would do so again in "Mysterious Mysteries" and "Ten Minutes to Doom".

Animation Errors

Battle-dib 2

Where did Dib's eyebrows Go?

  • When Dib loses the battle and is dragged out of the arena, the name of the arena was Stage B, but the door that Dib is thrown outside has the words Stage 2 on it.
  • When Dib is arguing with the security guard (in the beginning of the episode), the guard's gloves repeatedly appear and disappear.
  • Dib's eyebrows disappear while in his battle against Shunk.

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