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Battleslug 7000
Name Battleslug 7000
Species Unknown
First Appearance Issue 7
Voice Actor(s) None

The Battleslug 7000 is an alien creature modified by Zim in Issue 7 of the comic series.


The first appearance of the slug.

The Battleslug 7000 first appeared as a monster-slug that GIR obtained from Blastropolis. GIR stored it in the space inside his head, and when GIR showed it to Zim, it startled him and caused him to crash his Voot Runner onto an unnamed lifeless planet.

Zim using the Battleslug to fight the Blerks

The slug appeared once again when Zim was at a loss as to how to recover his Voot from the Blerks. He decided to throw the slug into the primordial pool which caused extreme hyper-evolution, quickly transforming the slug into a monstrous behemoth.

Zim, however, was dissatisfied because it had such tiny nub-arms, and outfitted the slug's body with various weapons obtained from Blastropolis. Naming it Battleslug 7000, Zim unleashed his creation on the Blerks, obliterating them.

The Battleslug 7000 was presumably killed by Zim, as he blew up the whole planet when the unnamed single celled aliens begged to be destroyed.

Facts of Doom

  • GIR seems to have named the slug "Dennis".