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Blob Creature
Name Blob Creature
Species Blob
First Appearance Abducted
Voice Actor(s) Wally Wingert

A pitiful blob-like creature of unknown species is one of the many captives of Mary and Fred, and the only one who has not managed to escape. He was voiced by Wally Wingert (who is also the voice of Almighty Tallest Red).

His only appearance was in the episode "Abducted".


The blob is a doughy and pale creature, lacking legs and vaguely resembling a slug. He possess stumpy arms, though they are rendered useless because of the many objects "fused" to his head, including a fork and a moose-like animal, which weigh it down and render it unable to move around much.

Additionally, the blob creature has two tiny (possibly vestigial) nubs on his head and large green eyes.


The blob describes being trapped.

The blob creature is very miserable, having been left in his subject tube to rot, and has no problem expressing it. When he attempted to get Zim to help him escape and failed to attract his interest, he began to weep.

However, when he first met Zim, he was able to smile slightly, though he went back to his dejected state in a matter of seconds. He is also quite naïve, as he actually believed that he was fused with the assortment of random objects taped to his head.

Role In Invader Zim

Zim met the captured blob in "Abducted" as he tried to escape from Mary and Fred's ship. The blob cried to him for help, but was ignored, emphasizing Zim's apathy.

Facts of Doom

  • Many fans considered the scene when the blob creature began to cry to be the saddest moment in Invader Zim.
  • The Blob Creature vaguely resembles the Plim from Issue 42 and Issue 43 of the comic series, though the Plim have more limbs and eyes that are more bulbous.
  • While in the US version of the show the Blob Creature is portrayed as male, in the Latin American version, it's portrayed as female.