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Liljahmir08 Liljahmir08 23 days ago

Invader Neutron

Invader Neutron’s is a Crossover Special between Invader Zim and the Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius. This crossover is about Jimmy Neutron’s Family vacation to the city we’re Zim leaves. When Gaz and Jimmy meat They fall in Love, And Cindy and Zim meet They fall in love as well. Go to

Jimmy: Mom! Dad!

Judy: Yes, dear?

Jimmy: I got a announcement to make. (Jimmy hold the picture.) What’s that city called?

Judy: Oh. it’s called The City.

Jimmy: Oh, i know that city. We’re Invader Zim leave’s. When we meet Spongebob, Patrick, Tak, Danny and Dib?

Hugh: Yes.

Jimmy: Can we go the day after?

Judy: Yes.

(The next day.)

Jimmy: Carl, Sheen, Cindy and Libby, I got a announcement.

Cindy: What is it, Nerdtron?


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Zombietacos Zombietacos 28 January

Zim Theories

Zim is underrated. there is a reason zim was appointed to become an invader...if you watch the show. only two people where given this assignment, tak and zim... zim shows that he has potential to take over the world multiple times when you see his technology every episode its mind blowing how under control he has the humans....i feel that zim is comfortable with the fact that he CAN destroy the world, but his child like behavior keeps him from doing so because of his feud with Dib.... zim has been working on his Mini moose from earlier episodes until the movie Enter the Florpus where he unleashes it... we have to take into account the Zim Universe time long did it take zim to use the Mini mouse? In zim Universe is it a year? m…

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Semiikun Semiikun 18 January


lol]] im bad at spellling, please forgive me for that lolz

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JosephStapleton2002 JosephStapleton2002 16 December 2020

Paramount DVD

When will Paramount release season 1 of Invader Zim on DVD?

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Cherryblamps Cherryblamps 4 December 2020

Irken Outcasts


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  • 2 Plot and summary
  • 3 ==
    • 3.1 Heading text
      • 3.1.1 Heading text

Irken Outcasts is a Invader Zim Youtube fanseries created by Youtuber and Animator Rainbott


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==== ==
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GothGirlXenon GothGirlXenon 30 August 2020

Was "Invader Dib" actually Debunked or was it Scrapped?

According the book by Eric Trueheart, it was said there were no plans for the movie "Invader Dib".

However, this topic was discussed at InvaderCon several times and Jhonen also mentioned something about it (possibly as a joke).

Nickelodeon also mentioned something about this 3 part finale on a Tumblr post before it was taken down.

By any chance was this movie an actual plot that was scrapped by writers, or was it just a joke?

Some fans are left to speculate.

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EmeraldTheIrken EmeraldTheIrken 21 July 2020

Irkens in Moving Out?

There's this Video Game called Moving Out, and there is some kinnda alien race in the video game. The alien race's symbol kinnda looks like the Irken Symbol, which leads me to believe that there might be Irkens in Moving Out. (Some friends told me that there was the Irken symbol in Moving Out and I was like SHOW ME!!!!)

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EmeraldTheIrken EmeraldTheIrken 11 July 2020

Sympathizing with Zim

Firstly, yes I am sympathizing with Zim cause I figgured out what might be the worst day of his life. At First the day went great! He fused Dib's DNA with baloney! But then Dib fused his DNA with baloney too and Zim's computer thought he was an intruder and kicked him out. Then he had to work together with Dib to no avail. Then he got turned into baloney with dogs surrounding him. Yeah the worst day of his life (probably) so I'm here saying "Poor Zim!" And other people (aka the ones who hate Zim) are here going "He deserved it!"

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EmeraldTheIrken EmeraldTheIrken 9 July 2020

When I looked up Untitled goose game memes

When I looked up untitled goose game memes I somehow found something related to Invader Zim. XD

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Weirderscience Weirderscience 30 June 2020

Proposed pages/templates

Here are some proposed pages/templates I've been thinking about implementing to help this wiki look a bit more polished. I'm putting this list here so I can look at it, and get some feedback. Please tell me your thoughts in the comments.

If we do any of these, or we've decided against some of them, I'll edit this list.

Useful so we're not scrambling through category pages to find things. As much as the wiki format is useful, it's not very friendly to people who just want to find information about a specific background character.

  • Gag characters with their own pages, sorted by season/source(?)
  • Minor comic characters
  • Named background characters with their own pages
  • Plot items
  • Merchandise
  • Media Things (Like Coloring Books) Invader Zim Is In That Have …

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