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Homeworld Irk
Rank Service Drone
Gender Male
Affiliation(s) Irken Empire
First appearance Hobo 13
Voice Actor(s) Kevin Michael Richardson

Bob, (referred to by Purple as Bobby) is a Service Drone who made his first and only appearance in "Hobo 13".


He is seen with a table strapped to his head, which is also attached to his legs, flattening the top of his head and giving him crooked legs. There is a chance he is even shorter than Zim.


Bob, strapped to a ship heading towards the sun.

His salary was only five monies every two years. Almighty Tallest Red and Purple made him bet five hundred thousand monies (which, if calculated correctly, would take him two hundred thousand years to earn) on Zim surviving the obstacle course on Hobo 13 so that they would not be in debt if he was killed.

He was very intolerant of his leaders bossing him around constantly, perhaps being one of few Irkens (so far) that harbors such beliefs. However, Bob ended up winning his bet, and gleefully told the Tallest that they "can serve themselves from now on".

Bob with his table as the Tallest play cards.

In the end, though, the irritated Tallest strapped him to the back of a chair in the ship they had given Zim. Unknown to Zim, this ship's navigation computer had been locked onto a collision course into a nearby star, in an attempt for the Tallest to destroy him and Bob. It seemed to have been a failed attempt, as Zim is alive in the next episode.

Bob also made an appearance in the comic series in Issue 4, as the Tallest used him and his table to play cards on. However, because of the different colored eyes, this could be another, different table headed service drone.

Bob (or a different table-headed service drone) did make a brief appearance in Enter the Florpus, whom Purple spits on in shock when Zim calls.


  • "But I only get five monies every two years."
  • "If Zim finishes, I get six million monies! Oooh…"
  • "You can serve YOURSELVES for now on! Nea ha ha haa!"

Facts of Doom

Bob in Enter the Florpus, getting spit on.

  • Bob was shown to have a strong hatred for the Tallest and is tired of their tyrannical and unproductive rule and their mistreatment of their subjects. He was even the only Irken to ever yell at them, which shocked them.
  • Bob is one of the few named Irkens that, despite having a human-sounding name, is presumably not named after a real person.
  • This hatred for the Tallest possibly hints that he's a defective.
  • The fact that Bob is alive in both the comics and the Netflix movie revealed that he somehow survived the end of "Hobo 13".
    • Incredibly he's back to working for the Tallest, which heavily implies that unsurprisingly, they never paid him on the bet that they forced him to take part in.