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Breakfast Squid
Tasty breakfast squids.png
Name Breakfast Squid
Type Human breakfast food
Use(s) Nutrition
First Appearance Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy

Breakfast Squid is a temporally-altered form of the cereal brand known as Breakfast Chunks, and made its only appearance in "Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy" on Professor Membrane's show Probing the Membrane of Science.


It was created by Walton Chunky, who worked at a garbage dump.

Breakfast Squid is a variation of Breakfast Chunks, invented by Walton Chunky. In the alternate timeline in which the cereal is invented, Walton is inspired to invent Breakfast Squid when he sees a giant squid (placed there by Membrane employees) at the junkyard where he works.

The cereal box contains a squid (or more) that is very much alive and aggressive, as it attacks shortly after being poured out of the box.

It is shown that scientists working for Professor Membrane altered the past to turn Breakfast Chunks into Breakfast Squids. However, it is unknown if Breakfast Squid was actually invented, or was just altered for demonstrative purposes, as it also somehow resulted in a giant fish in a bear suit rampaging through Tokyo. It is likely Professor Membrane used this only as a example, to show that altering the past is foolish and could doom mankind.