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The Bubudaxi are an alien race that first appears in the first quarterly of the comic series.


GIR chasing the Bubudaxi.

A race of aliens who resemble anthropomorphic berries, little is known about the Bubudaxi. However, what is known is that they are a warlike race, with ambitions of conquest.

To achieve these dreams, a group of Bubudaxi acquire a ship, which in an ironic turn of events happens to look like a giant pie (the Bubudaxi seem oblivious to the obvious joke on the part of the people who sold them the ship). They then fly towards Earth, intending to make it the first planet they conquer.

GIR eating the Bubudaxi.

However, while they're near the moon, they're spotted by GIR, who was flying to the moon on a whim. Seeing the ship and mistaking it for an actual pie, GIR flies into it, and starts eating the Bubudaxi crew, who he thinks are actual berries.

The crew try to take refuge in a room full of explosives, but accidentally set them off, blowing up the ship and causing what's left to crash on the moon.

While GIR walks away from the crash unharmed, it seems unlikely any of the Bubudaxi survived.

Facts of Doom

  • During the San Diego Comic Con 2020 Invader Zim panel, Aaron Alexovich and Eric Trueheart both expressed their belief that they would have not been able to include the Bubudaxi had the original idea concept of "GIR's Big Day" as an episode (which Quarterly 1 was an adaptation of) been produced. This is primarily due to them being devoured by GIR, which despite them being berries would have likely been considered too violent for airing on Nickelodeon.