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Burrito King
Name Burrito King
Located On Earth
First Appearance Issue 18

Burrito King is a restaurant in The City that appears in Issue 18 of the Invader Zim comic series that is owned by Burrito Royale. It is based on more than one "burrito shack" in the Los Angeles area with the same name.[1]


When Zim decides he wants to one-up Invader Larb, he picks Burrito King as an apparently easy target. Attacking it, he kicks out the owner, Burrito Royale, and declares himself the new Burrito King, converting the interior of the restaurant into a throne room. When customers begin showing up to buy burritos, Zim says that he'll give them for free to everyone who pledges loyalty to him, and helps him conquer Earth. While confused at first, they all agree.

Unfortunately for Zim, however, he puts GIR in charge of making the burritos, and he's incompetent at it. Most of his attempts don't even qualify as food, and the ones that are made perfectly end up with things inside them, like Zim's face-eating robot spider or a Howler monkey. At one point during this, Dib shows up for a burrito and discovers what Zim's up to. He swears to stop Zim, only to get driven away by Zim's new "followers", who found Dib annoying.

Later, when it seems that GIR has finally made something properly, Zim prepares to have his new minions eat and declare their loyalty, but first calls the Tallest to brag. To his shock, however, he learns that Larb has already conquered a space burrito shop and declared himself "Space Burrito Emperor".

Burrito Royale suddenly returns, accompanied by his own army of burrito eaters (including Dib). Revealing that he's traveled far and wide and learned how to control beans, he declares his intent to take back his restaurant by force. Zim's followers abandon him, but he reveals that his bean-based throne is actually a mechsuit called a "Mecha-Rito" and activates it. Zim prepares to fight Burrito Royale, but he just has his followers trigger a booby trap (two burrito-shaped logs hung from the ceiling) he had lying around for some reason, destroying the Mecha-Rito, before banishing Zim with his powers, reclaiming control of the Burrito King for himself.