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Callnowia as seen from space.




Notable Facts

Zim orders microgoggles from planet Callnowia

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Callnowia is a planet designed for processing and delivering mail, particularly home shopping orders, throughout the universe. The surface of the planet is covered with cannons that launch the packages encased in a comet to their destinations.

The interior of the planet appears to be hollow, with a large automated package-transferring system. It's assumed that the planet delivers a wide variety of products, but the only known product are germ-spying microgoggles.

It's also unknown if the planet is owned by a single company, or if it's used by everyone, like a post office.


Facts of Doom

  • The name is a pun off of the phrase "Call now!" which is often used in television infomercials.
  • A similar planet, the Conveyor Belt Planet, was seen in the episode "Megadoomer". The difference is that the Conveyer Belt Planet is specifically shown to be controlled by the Irken Empire, while as noted above, it's unknown who if anyone controls Callnowia.
  • According to the commentary of "Germs", Jhonen Vasquez stated that Callnowia used to contain life, so it is quite likely that whatever life it once had was exterminated by the Irkens and the entire planet is now run by machines.
  • The planet has two moons like the planets Blorch and Mars.