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Chammy Wamboo
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Homeworld Earth
Gender Female
Hair Color Pink
Eye Color Blue
Affiliation(s) None

Chammy Wamboo is a human child who appears in Issue 50 of the comic series.


An excitable girl who joins Ms. Bitters' class, Chammy is seemingly obsessed with the idea of everyone being friends with each other. When she overhears Zim and Dib having one of their fights, she is horrified and intervenes, to their confusion. She tries to convince them that they should stop fighting and be friends, but to her surprise they refuse.

After Skool is over, Chammy walks home with Zita (whom she's declared her best friend, to which Zita is confused as to how that happened), and declares her intention to make Zim and Dib be friends no matter what. Zita is doubtful, but then watches in awe as Chammy intervenes between a fighting dog and cat and somehow convinces them to be friends.

Later, Chammy arrives at an abandoned peanut warehouse where Dib is confronting Zim over his latest plan, and puts herself in-between the robots they're attacking each other with. To the shock of the others, she somehow convinces the robots to run off as friends together, before trying once again to convince Zim and Dib they should be friends too. However, they continue to refuse to do so.

The next day at lunch at Skool, Chammy complains to Zita about her failures and begins to worry she'll never be able to get Zim and Dib to be friends. But then Gaz comes up to her and tells her that Zim and Dib really do want to be friends, so she should keep trying; despite it being clear that Gaz is insulting her and is only doing this to annoy Dib, Chammy takes her advice. That night, with Gaz's help she gets into Dib's room at their house and tells him to stop obsessing over fighting Zim and be friends with him, only for Dib to see Zim building a portal atop a bread factory and go to confront him.

Chammy's fate.

Chammy follows, and arrives just as Dib is trying to destroy the portal that Zim is planning to bring an army of robots through, and attempts once again to convince them to be friends, making it clear she intends to never stop until they do.

Thoroughly annoyed with her, Zim and Dib team up to toss Chammy through the portal and destroy it, trapping her on another planet forever, while making it clear that they're still enemies who happen to hate her more.

Chammy is last seen surrounded by Zim's robots, swearing that they'll all be friends.

Chammy later appears in the final issue of the series as part of the montage of people being caught up in the time loop. She's shown to still be surrounded by the robots, implying she succeeded in befriending them.