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Chicky Licky
Chickenfoot flashback
Name Chicky Licky
Located On Earth
First Appearance The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot

Chicky Licky is one of the restaurants which are pretty ubiquitous in the Invader Zim universe. The most salient appearance of Chicky Licky was in "The Sad, Sad Tale of Chickenfoot", which chronicled the saga of a Chicky Licky employee who became trapped in his chicken mascot costume after a freak microwave accident.

Probably the most interesting things about this restaurant are their toys (which include a little grappling hook chicken - the head flies off and the beak serves as the hook) and their catchphrase - "Thirsty for chicken".

Notable Employees[]

Chuy happily holds a dog

Chuy/Chickenfoot before the microwave incident.

Chewy Rodriguez, or Chickenfoot, was an employee whose job was to hold up a sign containing the restaurant's catchphrase/slogan to advertise the restaurant to customers, until a tragic accident involving a microwave hit by a tray of wet dishes occurred, which stuck the zipper on his costume. He became convinced that he had become half-man, half-chicken, and ran off to live at the "fringes of society".

Employee Maria

Maria warning Dib about Chickenfoot.

Maria is a female employee who works as the cashier. She was once a friend of Chuy until the explosion of the microwave. In the flashback explaining how Chuy became Chickenfoot, she begs Eric to stop eating the wet French fries but doesn't listen to her. She has no choice but to yank the tray away from from him only to accidentally fling it to the microwave.

Employee Eric

Eric creepily smiling at Dib.

Eric, is an employee who is somewhat crazy. He was also once a friend of Chuy before the microwave explosion. He argues with a random hobo over a bucket of slaw until Dib breaks up the argument when he mentions "Chickenfoot". He slyly offers Dib chicken with a dirty chicken toy inside, while motioning him inside the chicken freezer to tell him about Chickenfoot. He was also partly responsible for the "existence" of Chickenfoot, since he kept eating the wet fries from a tray of wet, dirty dishes while Maria begged him to stop. When they both tugged the wet dish tray, he accidentally let go of it, making Maria accidentally fling it to the microwave, causing the explosion.

Facts of Doom[]

  • The restaurant seems to be a spoof of KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) or Chick-fil-A. Their catchphrase/slogan may be a parody of the latter's, "Eat Mor Chikin".