Coach Walrus
Homeworld Earth
Gender Female
Hair Color Brown
Affiliation(s) Skool

Coach Walrus is the gym teacher of the Skool. She made her only appearance on the show at the beginning of "Vindicated!", when she sent Dib to the counselor's office because she found his screams "scary". She didn't reappear until Issue 32 of the comic series. She was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.


Alexovich Peeps walrus

Concept art.

She bears a strong resemblance to an obese man, leading some viewers to think that she is male. This, combined with her massive, tusk-like lower canines, gives her the appearance of her namesake.

Teaching Style

Coach walrus appears in the comics whoaaaa

Coach Walrus's first appearance in the comics

Like the stereotype of all gym teachers, Coach Walrus seems to derive enjoyment from watching kids in pain. She also has very unreasonable expectations, and saw no issue in forcing Zim and Dib to face off in the brutal "Ultimate Dodgeball". Like most humans, she was highly contemptuous of Dib, but found his ravings amusing. However, she eventually decided that they were "just scary", and sent him to the counselor's office.

In Issue 32, Coach Walrus seems to consider National Physical Phitness Day as a way of making children suffer and teaching them that they're not good enough.

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