Commander Poki
Name Commander Poki
Species Irken
First Appearance Issue 25
Voice Actor(s) None

Commander Poki is a character who appears in Issue 25 of the Invader Zim comic series.

Appearing flashbacks, Poki is in command of the mission to Dooq that Zim is part of as an Invader trainee. She sends Zim to use some minibombs to distract enemy forces, but he uses gigabombs instead, blowing up the Irken forces as well as their enemies.

Poki is injured in the explosion, but lives long enough to call Zim the worst Invader ever, which he shrugs off. It's unknown what happened to her after this.

Facts of Doom

  • Commander Poki in some parts of her debut Issue has only two fingers like the Tallest and sometimes she has three like the regular Irkens. This is most likely an error.
  • Similarly, despite having visible eyelashes like most other female Irkens, her antennae are at a straight angle like a male's, rather than curled, as seen with Tak, Tenn, and other female Irkens.
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