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Name Conglamatron
Type Human Technology
Use(s) Productive
First Appearance
Issue 33
Users The CEO of the Conglamo corporation
Voice Actor(s) None

Conglamatron is a robot who appears in Issue 33 of the Invader Zim comic series.


The CEO of the Conglamo corporation, Conglamatron is a robot with a female personality, designed to be the perfect corporate figure. This is accomplished by means of her containing the brains of Conglamo's previous 20 CEOs, which are contained in a liquid container in the center of her body. The rest of her body is a pair of arms, treads in the place of feet, and a computer monitor for a head, which displays a digital face.

In her role as CEO, Conglamatron attends an Innovation Fair at the Skool which Conglamo is hosting in order to find a new product to mass produce. She is not impressed by any of the exhibits, at one point even trying to incinerate Keef's with flamethrowers built into her arms.

Shortly afterwards, she gets zapped by Dib's invention (which shoots lasers but which he never developed an actual purpose for), temporarily damaging her brains. She then comes across Zim's exhibit, which he intends to mass produce as part of a plan to conquer Earth. But to his shock, GIR has replaced his invention with a puppet made from a wiener called "Mr. Wiener Face".

Conglamatron chooses the winner of the Innovation Fair.

To Zim's further surprise, Conglamatron loves Mr. Wiener Face, and she declares it the winning invention. She then dedicates Conglamo to mass producing copies of Mr. Wiener Face, and within days unveils them publicly. However, people mistake the wiener puppets for food and are disgusted by the taste, causing the failure of the product and Conglamo going bankrupt.

Conglamatron is last seen on TV, giving an explanation for the failures, and blaming it on people having only singular brains and therefore not being smart enough to realize Mr. Wiener Face was not food.