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Conglamo corp.png
Name Conglamo
Located On Earth
Known Residents Conglamatron
First Appearance Issue 33

Conglamo is a human corporation which appears in Issue 33 of the Invader Zim comic series.


The Conglamo corporation is apparently one of the most powerful corporations in the Invader Zim universe's version of America. It is headed by the robotic CEO Conglamatron, who was created to be the perfect corporate leader by powering her with the brains of Conglamo's 20 previous human CEOs.

In Issue 33, Conglamo representatives choose the Skool to host a company-sponsored Innovation Fair, with the intention of having the skoolchildren develop new products for them, with the winning invention to be mass produced and sold across the country. Dib calls them out on this being exploitative of the children, but the representatives claim it isn't because they're giving the children free hats as compensation.

On the day of the fair, Conglamatron herself attends and judges all the exhibits. She is unimpressed with all of them, until she comes across Zim's. He had planned on developing something which, upon being mass produced, would enable him to conquer Earth, but is surprised to find it replaced by a creation of GIR's, a puppet made from a wiener called Mr. Wiener Face. And to his further surprise, Conglamatron loves it, declaring it the winning invention.

After this, Conglamo is fully dedicated to mass producing copies of Mr. Wiener Face, creating thousands within five days. After this, they are publicly unveiled and put on the market, but prove to be a massive failure, with people apparently mistaking them for food and being disgusted by the taste.

Due to becoming fully invested into creating Mr. Wiener Face and its subsequent inability to sell, Conglamo goes bankrupt.

Facts of Doom

  • Conglamo may be a reference to Conglomo, a company from the Nicktoon Rocko's Modern Life. Interestingly, both corporations go bankrupt, Conglamo in its debut issue and Conglomo in the Netflix special Static Cling both (indirectly) because of their respective main characters.