IZ Crystal
Name Crystal
Species Unknown
First Appearance Hobo 13
Voice Actor(s) Danielle Koenig

Crystal was one of the unknown alien races that made an appearance in "Hobo 13" as part of Zim's training squad. Her name comes from the fact that her body seems to be composed of some sort of crystalline substance.

During the laser trench run, Zim reprogrammed the lasers to lock on her so that the rest of the team could get through. She almost made it through, but got eliminated in the last stretch.

Facts of Doom

  • She was voiced by writer Danielle Koenig who co-wrote "Hobo 13". 
  • Her only line in the series and episode was "Curse you, Zim!" when she was beamed into the "Holding Pen of Pain". 
  • In the episode "The Frycook What Came from All That Space", there was a purple male crystalline alien seen in the background that seems to be the same species as Crystal.
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