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Name Cyberflox
Located On Outer Space
Known Residents Various Races
First Appearance Issue 24

Cyberflox is a planet that first appears in Issue 24 of the Invader Zim comic series.


Cyberflox has green skies, and most of the surface appears to be covered in buildings.

Cyberflox is a planet-wide black market used by species from around the galaxy for various illegal activities. Because of this, it's home to numerous criminal organizations, which appear to control various portions of the planet.

Zim comes to Cyberflox, after being left a set of coordinates leading there by the virus which had infected GIR, in search of the virus' creator. Zim finds that the planet is now under new management, having been bought by the Fitzoo-Menga corporation, but ignores this in order to investigate. He does so by disguising himself as a janitor and asking everyone he meets if they know of "Virooz", the name given by the virus.

However, all that Zim accomplishes is causing the various trigger-happy criminals he encounters to start shooting at each other out of paranoia. Aside from not aiding his investigation, this also causes the crime bosses led by Gabo Amoeba to become convinced that the "janitor" is trying to take over their territories, and decide to eliminate him.

Confronted by the criminals, Zim stalls for time by claiming to have figured out who Virooz is, and ends up accidentally stumbling onto the truth: that Virooz is in fact Fitzoo-Menga, the owner of Cyberflox. As soon as he figures this out, he's abducted aboard Fitzo-Menga's ship and carried away from Cyberflox, leaving GIR and Minimoose stranded on the planet, where they inform Dib (who arrives shortly after on Tak's ship) that he just missed Zim.

Cyberflox is briefly seen again in the following issue when Zim calls GIR and Minimoose for help and it's shown that they're still on the planet, though they quickly leave on the Voot Runner to go to Zim's aid.

Facts of Doom

Cyberflox on Zim's star map.

  • Cyberflox does not appear to be part of the Irken Empire, despite serving the sole purpose of being a black market world, which happens to be a tradition to most planets under Irken control.
  • Cyberflox appears red on Zim's star maps, but the planet is blue when viewed from space. This could be similar to the Irken map for Galactic Conquest, in which Irk is colored blue for easier identification, despite the planet possibly being red, magenta or pink.