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Day of Da Spookies! is an unfinished episode of Invader Zim.

Plot Summary

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Zim tries to neutralize Dib by getting him to stop believing in the paranormal. His first plan, pretending to be "Bigfeets", ringing Dib's doorbell and running away, does not work, so Zim decides to do something more elaborate. He enlists Skoodge, GIR, and Minimoose to help to make Dib look like a fraud on TV. Zim creates ghost suits for GIR, Minimoose, and himself, and they go to Dib's house and pretend to haunt him.

Zim (now calling himself Count Ghostula) convinces Dib to call Mysterious Mysteries and have them bring over a camera crew. Skoodge comes in when the show brings a ghost expert with them. To make sure his plan isn't discovered, Zim launches the ghost expert into space and has Skoodge take his place.

After Skoodge pretends to perform some tests for the Mysterious Mysteries crew, he declares Zim, GIR, and Minimoose to all be real ghosts. This earns Dib some fame for about five seconds, until Zim then reveals that the whole thing was a scam set up by Dib. GIR and Minimoose shut their ghost suits off, proving this statement, but Zim's suit malfunctions ('The buttons are stuck!') and doesn't shut off. Mysterious Mysterious labels Dib a liar, because "THREE ghosts would have been amazing, but only one ghost is cruel and horrible!" Dib is carried away in a Crazy Bucket, and Zim is carried away as well for testing.

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Note: Although voices weren't recorded, the script was read at a panel at InvaderCON. For the video, see here.

Facts of Doom

  • Invader Skoodge makes an appearance in this episode, and it's revealed that he has been living in Zim's basement ever since the "Hobo 13 incident" and somehow evaded the security system. The fact that he never returned to Irk after conquering Blorch, implies he was either exiled by the Tallest or that Skoodge fears going back to his homeworld.

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