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Deelishus Weenie
Deelishus 1.jpg
Name Deelishus Weenie
Located On Earth
Notable Facts Taken over by Tak for a period of time
Known Residents Tak (temporary)
MiMi (temporary)
Deelishus Weenie owner
First Appearance FBI Warning of Doom

The Deelishus Weenie Corporation is a restaurant that appeared in the City Mall during the episode "FBI Warning of Doom". In the restaurant's title, the word "Delicious" is misspelled as "Deelishus".

Deelishus Weenie also has a huge factory that makes the eponymous meat products, which appeared briefly onscreen in "Attack of the Saucer Morons" and "The Wettening". The Deelishus Weenie Corporation also funded the opening of the new Pig Girl wing of Professor Membrane's labs in "Gaz, Taster of Pork".

But the most significant appearance of the company was in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl", as it was the place where Tak kept her equipment to hollow out Earth's core and fill it with snacks as an offering for the Almighty Tallest. She told the Skoolchildren that her father was head of the Deelishus Weenie corporation, while holding the real head of the corporation captive, taking him out only when needed to keep up public appearance.

A worker at the factory told Gaz that it was just a hot dog stand, until Gaz pointed out the giant building that he was in. The clerk then seemed confused as to what was going on. Deelishus Weenie was also the place where Tak got the valentines weenies for all of the children in Ms. Bitters' class, and the meat with which she attacked Zim many times.

Deelishus Weenie appeared briefly in Issue 19, during a flashback for events that happened during a fake Issue 437. Apparently Zim created an army of Tallest clones with bio-slurry, and they ended up swarming the Deelishus Weenie building.

Zim escaping in the Weenie car.

Deelishus Weenie also briefly appears in Issue 45. When Zim is fleeing from the Skool so that he doesn't have to destroy Li'l Meat Man, he runs into the Deelishus Weenie parking lot and steals a weenie-shaped car to escape in. An employee at the restaurant tries to stop him by launching a weenie-shaped bazooka at him, destroying the back half of the car, but Zim still gets away. He proceeds to drive the car for the rest of the issue.

Facts of Doom

  • An advertisement for the restaurant can be seen in one of the stadiums in Nicktoons MLB.
  • In "FBI Warning of Doom", Deelishus Weenie is spelled correctly in proper English grammar; "Delicious Weenie". This opens up the possibility that the corporation intentionally wrote the name incorrectly later on to make it seem more "friendly" to the consumers.
  • Deelishus Weenie was believed to be a parody of the Oscar Mayer corporation. However, Eric Trueheart states in his book that this was not the case, and the name came about because of an inside joke among the crew.