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Unknown- Likely long extinct


One seen (Possibly more).

Notable Facts

The space around Devastis seems to be green, like the planet's sky.

First Appearance

"Tak: The Hideous New Girl"


Devastis is one of the many planets conquered by the Irken Empire. Irken soldiers are tested here; should they pass, they become a member of the Irken Elite. Fifty years ago, Zim caused a blackout on half of the planet when he used a maimbot on a dysfunctional vending machine.

Due to the blackout, Tak, an Irken training to become a member of the Irken Elite, was trapped in her testing booth. When she escaped, she pleaded with the Control Brain to allow her to take the test again.

However, the Control Brain told Tak she would have to wait another seventy years before she could take the test again and, in the meantime, Tak was placed on a janitorial squad on planet Dirt.

Devastis made its only appearance in "Tak: The Hideous New Girl".

Facts of Doom

  • In the unmade episode "The Trial", it would have been revealed that Zim actually did attain the rank of an Irken Invader on this planet.