Dib Robot Spy
Name Dib Robot Spy
Type Irken Technology
Use(s) Impersonation
First Appearance Future Dib
Users Zim
Gaz Membrane

The Dib Robot-Spy is a robot duplicate of Dib, created by Zim, in "Future Dib" to sabotage a Perpetual Energy Generator (PEG) built by Professor Membrane.


The robot was made to look exactly like Dib, except with tattered clothes, less prominent scythe-shaped hair, missing teeth, and was covered with dirt and injuries to make it look like it had come out of an accident. The robot was created through an unseen process.

Dibs 1

Dib and the Dib Robot-Spy.

It first appeared in Dib's house when it told Dib he was from the future where Zim succeeded in sabotaging PEG. The robot tricked Dib into going to a warehouse and trapped him there.

Dib tried to warn Gaz over a communicator that the Dib robot gave him, but the robot destroyed it. It almost succeeded in its objective, but the DRS was destroyed by Gaz (thinking that it was the real Dib doing wacky things, as she has threatened for it to "suffer horribly" if it did so). It was later rebuilt by Gaz to serve as her robot servant.

The only episode this robot appeared in is "Future Dib".

Facts of Doom

  • No humans seem to notice when the Robot-Spy appears at the ceremony covered in dirt and injuries.
  • Only after Zim reveals it is a robot does it make mechanical noises as it moves and speaks.
  • This is the only piece of Irken technology aside from Tak's Ship that Dib and Gaz are in possession of.
  • The Dib robot spy's head is visible in the background of one of the shots from the Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus! Comic Con 2018 teaser trailer. It even still has the metal plate over its mouth that Gaz installed to silence it.
  • When the Dib Robot Spy is talking to Dib for the first time, there are three hints it says that gives it away:
  1. It talks about Zim's "incredible power" (referring to his physical strength, as Zim is able to shove the robot spy with relative ease in a flashback it has).
  2. It says "Membrane" instead of "Dad".
  3. At the end, when Dib says that if they banded together they'd be an unstoppable team, it says, "Yes, yes, it would be magical!" in a very Zim-like tone of voice.
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