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Digestor Storyboard Panel.

The Digestor is a monster kept for gladiatorial combat. Irkens are said to compete in gladiatorial blood sport matches similar to the warriors of ancient Rome, often to the death. The Digestor comes from a deleted scene in "The Nightmare Begins".

Instead of giving Zim his secret mission right away, the Almighty Tallest originally teleported him to a battle arena with his Irken battle armor on, as a way to prove himself worthy even after all that happened during Operation Impending Doom.

The other Irkens view the battle in colosseum-style seating and even cheer him on. When the beast was unleashed to attack him, Zim would have given him the sandwich that Almighty Tallest Red gave him earlier. The pleased Digestor would have then skipped away like a happy child, eating his sandwich. The Digestor would have looked like a dinosaur with armor on.