Homeworld Earth
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Dirge is one of the kids at the "rejects" table in the corner of the cafeteria (along with Keef, Gretchen, Melvin, and Matthew P. Mathers III), as shown in "Bestest Friend". He also makes cameo appearances in the episodes "Lice", and "Dibship Rising".


He has dark skin and wears a green skull t-shirt. He seems proud of his deformity (webbed toes), which he describes as "like some kind of horrible fish-boy", but everybody gets creeped out when he offers to show it to them. He is sometimes known as "Pooka" in the storyboards. He was named after Roman Dirge, a writer for the show who is also good friends with Jhonen and created the comic Lenore. He was voiced by Danny Cooksey.

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