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Name Dooxisi
Species Dooxisi
First Appearance Issue 27
Voice Actor(s) None

The Dooxisi race are a species first mentioned in Issue 27 of the Invader Zim comic series.


According to Zim the Dooxisi are, or were, the most boring species in the galaxy. They were so boring that even the bravest of K'largleboo warriors would rather saw their own legs off with blunt lasers than to have a Dooxisi tell them a story.

While digging under his base to try and find some rare Splodium-238 so that he can use it to create more splodie-beavers to replace the ones GIR shot into space, Zim encounters the Dooxisi Invader Xooxi, who lives in his own base beneath Zim's, and who claims to have conquered Earth long ago - though he specifically states he only conquered the underground of the planet, since he finds it more interesting than the surface. Zim finds his claims of conquest questionable, but doesn't press the issue.

Zim then gets to find out how boring the Dooxisi are personally, as Xooxi tells him fact after pointless fact, and ropes him into playing an apparently popular Dooxisi board game called "Blumpo: The Endless Circle", which just has the players moving game pieces around a circle until one snaps and throws the board away. Zim comments on the boring nature of all of this, and even points out how boring even the hallways in the Dooxisi base are.

Xooxi bores Zim to the point where the Irken can stand no more and explodes with rage, calling him out on being so boring. This results in an insulted Xooxi declaring war on Zim, leading to a conflict between Zim's splodie-beavers and Xooxi's splodie-moles. This apparently results in both of them being blown up.

Facts of Doom

  • Since Zim talked about the Dooxisi solely in past tense, it might imply that the race is extinct aside from Xooxi himself.
  • If this is true, Xooxi might be the last of his kind.
  • The Dooxisi are the only other race aside from the Irkens who have been seen having Invaders.