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The following Easter eggs are found on the DVDs, although some can be found without the DVDs. Other than Bloody GIR, these Easter eggs range from transparent images to even deleted scenes.

The Most Horrible X-Mas Ever

Alternate Jingly Bells scene

Switch to animatics for the alternate scene of "Jingly Bells".

Tak: The Hideous New Girl

Before Tak leaves, Zim has no contact lenses (same as in "The Voting of the Doomed"). His face is seen from the side and for a very brief moment of time.

Transparent image

Go frame-by-frame when Gretchen is crying, seen just after the transmission of Tak pops up. As the camera zooms away from Gretchen, there is a transparent transition of 2 views of Tak and Dib talking.

Alternate "Attempt" scene

In the scene where Zim begins his numerous attempts to learn human 'affection', if one switches to animatics, you can see an alternate version.

Video Clip

At the part where Tak is describing her downfall on Devastis, you see her in front of an Irken Control Brain for a short time. On the Control Brain's main screen, a few clips from the very beginning of "The Nightmare Begins" can be seen, namely the ships that fly towards Conventia as the title appears.

Unveiling Tak's Plan

When Zim, Dib, and Gaz view Tak's plan inside Zim's base, Dib's shirt is white and his ears are missing.

Hobo 13

An alternate Hogulus canyon scene can be viewed when one switches to animatics.

The Wettening

A little movie clip that goes even when paused (go frame-by-frame).



Alternate escape scene (switch to animatics).


A copy of Jhonen Vasquez's Johnny the Homicidal Maniac is "fused" to the blob alien.

The Girl Who Cried Gnome

The paramedics in the back of the ambulance that take Moofy away are vampires (switch to animatics for a single frame).

The Voting of the Doomed

During the 'awkward silence' scene, Zim's contacts are missing.

The Wettening

The comic book Jhonen's reading is an issue of "Happy Noodle Boy".

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