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Eric The Blob
Eric the Blob.png
Name Eric The Blob
Species Blobs
Gender Male
Affliation Irken Empire (Maybe)
First Appearance The Frycook What Came From All That Space
Voice Actor(s) Eric Trueheart

Eric the Blob is a blob alien that made his only appearance in the episode "The Frycook What Came from All That Space". Eric is a member of an unknown species, which is presumably in alliance with the Irken Empire.

He is a regular customer at Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster, showing up every day and consistently taking a long time to place his order (much to Zim's aggravation, although its possible he was exaggerating) The words on Eric's cap and pants together say "Eet Food."

When Sizz-Lorr made Zim dance in a costume filled with white-hot grease to cheer up Eric, he greeted Zim and asked why he was sad. Eric learned of his predicament as well as noticing the Vortian 'Splodey System, this would end up being Zim's ticket to freedom as Eric told him how to bypass the security system.

He previously worked on installing security systems like it on Planet Vort (and possibly other planets under Irken rule). Eric ultimately became an unwitting accomplice in Zim's escape plan from Foodcourtia.

When Zim hid himself in Eric's food he was eaten (but not digested) by the blob, once in Eric's stomach, Zim was protected from detection as the blob made his way out of the restaurant.

Once outside, Zim burst impressively out of Eric's stomach; Eric himself seemed only mildly surprised by the fact that a fugitive Irken defective had been inside his belly. It's assumed that afterwards Eric stayed for The Great Foodening.

Facts of Doom


  • Eric was voiced by, and possibly named after series writer Eric Trueheart who also voiced the Weenie Clerk in a previous episode.
  • Its unknown why he has a human name "in universe."
  • He is the only alien seen so far that is a cyclops.
  • Eric is one of the few people that has helped Zim out, either willingly and unknowingly. However, it also seems that he purposely helped Zim to escape, telling him how to bypass the 'Splodey System in a vague way.
  • The teddy bear backpack he wears resembles Squee's diabolical teddy bear Shmee.