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Evil Syndicate
Nicktoons Unite Evil Syndicate.jpg
Gender Male (7 members)
Female (1 member)
First Appearance Nicktoons Unite!
Voice Actor Andy Berman
Carlos Alazaraqui
Tim Curry
Martin Mull
Doug Lawrence
Wendie Malick
Rob Paulsen

The Evil Syndicate, alternately, The Syndicate or The Syndicate of Evil, is an evil organization that acts as the main antagonists of the video game Nicktoons Unite! and the secondary antagonists of the sequel SpongeBob SquarePants featuring Nicktoons: Globs of Doom. The Syndicate is composed of Nickelodeon's worst evil supervillains.


The Syndicate were originally composed, in Nicktoons Unite, of Professor Calamitous, Denzel Crocker, Plankton, and Vlad Plasmius, the respective archenemies of Nicktoon heroes Jimmy Neutron, Timmy Turner, Spongebob Squarepants and Danny Phantom. After their defeat, a new Syndicate is formed in Globs of Doom, now composed of Plankton, the ghost Technus, Calamitous' daughter Beautiful Gorgeous, and the wizard Traloc. Later, when Zim and Dib arrive on the scene during a confrontation between the Nicktoons and the Syndicate, Zim joins the Nicktoons and Dib joins the Syndicate.

The second Syndicate and the Nicktoons team up in order to fight the Morphoid invasion by activating a giant robot called the Vessel of Portentia. However, after defeating Morphoid leader Globulous Maximus, the Syndicate double-cross the Nicktoons and take control of the Vessel in order to conquer Earth. This forces the Nicktoons to ally with Globulous in order to defeat the Syndicate and save the world.

In the "Good" ending to the game, Globulous and the heroes defeat the Syndicate on the Moon and cause the Vessel to explode, leaving the Syndicate stranded in space. In the "Alternate" ending, the Syndicate win, and trap Globulous in a jar.

Facts of Doom

  • Plankton is the only member who is in both iterations of the Syndicate.
  • Dib joining the villainous team and Zim joining the heroic team is out of character for either of them, beyond Zim being the protagonist of his series and Dib being the antagonist.