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A Fast Food Drone is an Irken service drone who is either hired or forced to work on the intergalactic snacking planet Foodcourtia. After Zim ruined Operation Impending Doom I, he was re-encoded and banished to Foodcourtia by a Control Brain. While banished to Foodcourtia, he had to work for his jailmaster, Frylord Sizz-Lorr, at the restaurant Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster. One of Sizz-Lorr's other employees, Gashloog, is paid to work there, and gets frequent breaks. Zim, on the other hand, was unpaid, and was not even allowed to leave the restaurant; if he tried to escape, he would explode due to the Vortian 'Splodey System Sizz-Lorr installed as a way to prevent Zim from escaping a second time.

Fast Food Insignia.

However, Zim succeeded in escaping after being swallowed by Eric the Blob, whose fat protected Zim from the system.

Somehow, Zim got out of the customer's body and escaped the planet before the The Great Foodening began. His PAK, however, still displays his status as a Food Service Drone.

Known Fast Food Drones

  • Zim
  • Gashloog
  • Sizz-Lorr
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