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Filler Bunny as he appears in the comics.

Fillerbunny, as suggested by his name, was originally created to fill up space. He has a very rushed appearance and appears poorly drawn. Eventually, Fillerbunny received his own comic, which Jhonen Vasquez claimed he only drew up hours before the deadline.

This was also the case in the second Fillerbunny comic released. However, in his third Fillerbunny comic, which was released in 2005, he changed this method and spent months working on it, which was a hit with some fans, but a sort of disappointment to others, who believed this ruined the theme of Fillerbunny being rushed and perhaps poorly drawn.

Fillerbunny made a cameo appearance in Invader Zim as a dashboard accessory on the bus in "Walk of Doom", and another one at the beginning of "Dark Harvest", in a jar filled with liquid. Carol Millican sets the jar down on a counter near an open window, and a dodgeball comes through the window and smashes his jar, decapitating Fillerbunny. He appeared again in Issue 15 of the Invader Zim comic series.

Facts of Doom

Filler Bunny's cameo.

  • GIR and Fillerbunny were both seen riding pigs at least once.
  • Fillerbunny's appearance in "Dark Harvest" is reminiscent of his native comics, as an ambiguous "lab rat" tormented by his captors for little to no reason.
  • Fillerbunny originally existed purely to take up space, so he is regularly tortured by unseen forces for the reader's amusement. His antics were popular enough for Jhonen Vasquez to give him his own limited series.
  • Fillerbunny has suicidal tendencies, as he wanted to be free from being tormented by the unseen forces mentioned above. This is something that he shares with Dib, as it's implied during "Dibship Rising" that he is quite self-loathing, possibly to the point of suicide, as Tak's ship felt having his personality was "horrible" and couldn't "live like this".