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Fizzmitz is a human wizard who first appears in Issue 29 of the Invader Zim comic series.


Fizzmitz is a member, and possibly the leader, of Poopwatch, a secret society of wizards who derive their magic from drinking Poop Cola and are dedicated to protecting its power from those who would use it for evil. He first appears in Issue 29 when he saves Dib - who is seeking a bottle of limited edition Darkpoop to replace one of his sister's which he accidentally spilled - from the dark wizard Nightnubs, who wants to use the Darkpoop to destroy the world. Fizzmitz and Nightnubs fight with Poop-powered magic, with Nightnubs finally fleeing after getting his hands on the Darkpoop.

After the fight, Dib demands an explanation from Fizzmitz, which he agrees to give after Dib points out that as the buyer, he's the rightful owner of the Darkpoop. He takes Dib to Poopwatch's secret underground base, and explains the true history of Poop Cola. Dib doesn't believe him at first, but after Poopwatch's seer Fizzusan is overwhelmed by trying to use her powers to find the Darkpoop, Fizzmitz makes Dib replace her, due to having touched the Darkpoop and experienced its power. Dib is then made to drink many flavors of Poop until a sugar rush kicks in and gives him a vision of Nightnubs' plan to summon the monstrous Poopthulhu to destroy the world.

In the following issue, Fizzmitz confirms Dib's vision with the aid of Future Cow, a cow which can see the future. He then assembles a group of Poopwatch members to attack Nightnubs' lair and stop him from summoning Poopthulhu. He's initially dismissive of Dib taking part in this, until Dib mentions that he can get some more Darkpoop to counter what Nightnubs is using. Fizzmitz agrees, and sets out with his team to get ready to act when Dib arrives with the Darkpoop.

However, Dib is delayed retrieving a bottle from Zim's base (having heard of GIR buying the city's supply in the previous issue) due to Zim refusing to help until he's made Dib suffer. As such, Nightnubs succeeds in summoning Poopthulhu, which Poopwatch has to fight without the Darkpoop. They do succeed in defeating the monster, but are heavily beat up in the process. As such, when Dib finally arrives, an angry Fizzmitz kicks him out of the group and sends him home.

Facts of Doom

  • As noted above, Fizzmitz is possibly the leader of Poopwatch, as he's constantly giving orders, but this is never outright confirmed.
  • Like all members of Poopwatch, Fizzmitz wears a fake beard for no apparent reason.