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The Florpus Hole is a spatial anomaly that appears in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus.


The Florpus being created by a certain idiot.

When Zim learns that the Almighty Tallest have no intention of bringing the Irken Armada to conquer Earth, he slips into despair. However, after learning of Professor Membrane's new Membracelets, which harness the power of human children holding hands, he decides to use them to place Earth into the Armada's path.

To accomplish this, he kidnaps and imprisons Membrane and reprograms the Membracelets, before having Minimoose charge them with cosmic energy, which teleports Earth across the universe.

However, as a side effect, this massive teleportation opens the Florpus Hole. A tear in the fabric of reality, the Florpus sucks in anything nearby and forces it to collide with alternate realities, until it's torn apart. Zim is unconcerned about this, even though the Florpus starts to grow towards Earth, and focuses instead on getting ready for the Tallests' arrival.

The Florpus about to suck in the Earth.

After Dib and Gaz manage to rescue their father, the trio fight Zim and his robots until they get ahold of Minimoose. The Professor then struggles to reconfigure Minimoose, even as Earth is sucked into the Florpus and starts to be torn apart by the various realities it's colliding with.

Eventually, Membrane manages to successfully trigger Minimoose, sending Earth back to its proper place in the universe.

Meanwhile, the Massive flies into the Florpus, the Tallest having been more concerned with blowing up Earth (and Zim) than avoiding it. They are last seen having been turned into puppets and left in a dimension of fire.

Facts of Doom

  • It's unknown if the Florpus eventually closed or even stopped growing.
  • Despite being mentioned in the title of the movie, the Florpus only appears in the last act of it.
  • It's unknown why another Florpus Hole wasn't created when Professor Membrane returned Earth to its original orbit, since a massive teleportation of an entire planet should've had the same effect. It's possible that since it happened inside the Florpus itself, the effect was canceled out.
  • Interestingly, the Comms Officer, the Tallest and Zim all didn't know what the Florpus was, while Zim's Computer and Tak's Ship did. Although Dib tried to warn Zim that the Florpus would destroy everything on earth, Zim as well, and the Comms Officer tried to warn and suggest to the Tallest that they should steer around the Florpus. But they didn’t listen.