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Unknown- likely long extinct.




Intergalactic food court.

Notable Facts

Foodcourtia is where Zim was banished to work as a food service drone after ruining Operation Impending Doom.

First Appearance

The Frycook What Came from All That Space


Foodcourtia serves as a breadbasket world for the many alien races conquered by the Irken Empire.


Foodcourtia (Inside the Planet).png

Foodcourtia is one of many planets under the control of the Irken Empire. It's likely that Foodcourtia is the name given to this planet by the Irkens rather than the original title.

In the tradition of Irken efficiency, the planet was assigned a very specific purpose; in this case, to serve as an intergalactic food court.

Alien species from all over the universe come to feast upon the varieties and quantities of snacks or fast foods offered there, including the Resisty.

The Irkens, especially the two Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest, have a great love of food, which is probably why they made Foodcourtia a snacking planet. When viewed from space, the purple world looks like a gas giant and has no visible moons.

Relevance to the series

Foodcourtia is actually a major part of Zim's past prior to the point in time where the series starts and is referred to throughout the series, and is even re-visited in "The Frycook What Came from All That Space".

A Vortian at Foodcourtia.

In that episode, the viewer can see footage of Zim prior to "The Nightmare Begins"; he has been forever banished to said Irken snacking world as punishment for his rampage across Irk in a stolen Frontline BattleMech and destroying Operation Impending Doom I, as well as almost all members of the Irken civilization.

Zim retorts in by claiming he "blew up more than any other invader" as means of saying he destroyed more than anything that the other invaders did. However, Almighty Tallest Red interprets that saying he "blew up all the other invaders."

Consequently, his PAK was re-encoded from Irken Invader Class to Fast Food Drone, and was forced to serve in Sizz-Lorr's restaurant, Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster, without pay or leave. Additionally, Sizz-Lorr made it his mission to give Zim every humiliating task he could think of and the Irken was forced to endure abuse by customers to boot.

Zim, nevertheless, thought this was a vacation and simply left - or as he considers it, he "quit" when he found out about Operation Impending Doom II, and when he did, Foodcourtia's most horrible food rush, The Great Foodening, which lasts twenty years, began immediately leaving Sizz-Lorr to do all the hard work before he could hunt down and bring Zim back to serve his banishment.