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Foodio 3000
Name Foodio 3000
Type Human Technology
Use(s) Productive
First Appearance Ten Minutes to Doom (original Foodio)
Issue 1 (Foodio 3000)
Users Professor Membrane
Voice Actor(s) Jason Marsden (Ten Minutes to Doom)

Justin Roiland (Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus)

Foodio 3000 was a robot built by Professor Membrane and first appeared in Issue 1. His original name was simply Foodio in the cancelled episode "Ten Minutes to Doom", the episode in which Foodio was originally going to appear.

The original Foodio was created for the sole purpose of ending world hunger - a task he eagerly set out to complete seconds after his activation. He was never seen or mentioned after this, but there was a duplicate of the robot also situated in Membrane's lab that the PAK-controlled Dib reprogrammed for destruction, calling itself Destructio.


Foodio 3000 in Issue 1.

No concept art or description was ever revealed for Foodio in the "Ten Minutes to Doom" script.

A robot called Foodio 3000 is in Membrane's kitchen in the first issue of the Invader Zim comic series, which was most likely an upgraded version of the original Foodio.

Foodio 3000 appears again in Issue 5 where it is revealed that he makes delicious poached eggs. Professor Membrane loves them so much, he would rather give up Dib to Lord Voxelrot than Foodio 3000.

Foodio 3000 appears in Invader Zim: Enter the Florpus, now with a more streamlined appearance, including a more human-like face, thinner arms with gloves, a ball wheel in place of legs, and a clear cover for his chest oven instead of a grill. At the start of the movie, he repeats his actions from Issue 1, making Gaz and Membrane dinner and asking what love is.

Later, he shows distress at the fact that Clembrane (a flawed clone of Membrane created by Zim) is only serving the children pudding, only to shoved aside and ignored. At the end of the movie, he serves the reunited Membrane family dinner.

Facts of Doom

  • Justin Roiland was meant to voice Clembrane, but Jhonen Vasquez made the current voice as a placeholder, since Roiland had a busy schedule and they weren't sure if they could get him. They eventually got him for the movie, but the crew had all fallen in love with Vasquez's Clembrane voice, so instead Roiland was relegated to the role of Foodio 3000.
  • Foodio 3000 might be partially inspired by Bender from Futurama as both robots have a fascination for cooking, the big difference however is that Foodio knows how to cook while Bender is terrible at it.
    • Both robots also have a connection to the number 3000.
  • Foodio 3000 and GIR are the only known robots in the series who are seen cooking but only the latter has the ability to eat.