Sizz-Lorr, a Frylord.

A Frylord is one of the many jobs which Irkens may possess. A Frylord is the manager of a fast food restaurant, most likely on the intergalactic snacking planet Foodcourtia.

A Frylord is, from what we have seen, a very tall Irken who is highly respected by his or her employees.

It's unknown if Frylords work at their restaurants willingly, or if they were banished for unsightly appearance or general misconduct. Frylords play a major part in The Great Foodening, a two-decade-long feast on Foodcourtia that occurs every twenty years.

The best (and only known) example of a Frylord is Sizz-Lorr, administrator of Shloogorgh's Flavor Monster. Sizz-Lorr was Zim's jailer on Foodcourtia when he was banished there for the rest of his life. However, Zim escaped yet again, leaving the overweight Frylord to work by himself during the next Great Foodening.

Sizz-Lorr is taller than, or at least on par with the Almighty Tallest, and it's likely that his obesity (a trait which seems to be seen as very unattractive and undesirable by the majority of the Irken race) may have something to do with why he was not allowed that status. It's a possibility that other Frylords share this in common.

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