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GIR's Big Day is one of the many unfinished episodes of Invader Zim.

It begins with Zim ordering GIR to help clean the yard, and GIR complies. As GIR is cleaning, a truck driving by somehow manages to hit him. The truck driver, having expected the "dog" to be dead, was surprised to find that it was just fine. In excitement, he told others of the accident and soon enough a crowd had gathered. After a short time, some scientists took GIR to their lab to determine how the "dog" survived. While they were in the process of cloning him, some doughnut crumbs got mixed into the DNA, which caused GIR to morph into a giant doughnut-dog monster. 

Clearly, chaos ensued, though the exact details of the plot beyond that are unknown.

Facts of Doom

  • The first issue of the Invader Zim Quarterly comic series is an adaptation of this episode.
  • According to Eric Trueheart's book, the original plot concept for this episode would have had GIR spending the day with a mentally handicapped man named Bucky, based on Lenny from the novel Of Mice and Men. In the book, Trueheart expresses his belief that that aspect was a "dick move" due to using a mental handicap as a source of humor, and is glad that portion was dropped.