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Gabo Amoebo
A more close up pic of amoebo guy.png
Name Gabo Amoebo
Species Unknown
First Appearance Issue 24
Voice Actor(s) None

Gabo Amoebo is an alien criminal who appears in Issue 24 of the Invader Zim comic series.


The front of Gabo's lair and restaurant.

As his name implies, Gabo is an amoeba-like alien, who is a crime boss based on the black market planet Cyberflox. According to him, his family started off with nothing, but have since grown their way up to being one of the most powerful criminal organizations on the planet. His headquarters is in a crepes restaurant and crime lair that shares his name.

When Zim comes to Cyberflox searching for the creator of the Virooz virus which had infected GIR, everyone reacts with fear and surprise, as Virooz is a enigmatic being who controls the planet without ever being seen. This results in every criminal a disguised Zim asks for information to overreact and start shooting at each other. Gabo misinterprets this as the "janitor" (Zim's disguise) being a rival gangster trying to weaken the local gangs so he can take over.

Gabo in a crime meeting.

To stop the perceived threat to their business, Gabo and the other gangsters set a trap for Zim, and demand that he explain why he's searching for Virooz.

Zim stalls by claiming he's figured out who Virooz really is, but just keep randomly accusing Gabo's associates, until he stumbles onto the belief that Virooz is actually Fitzoo-Menga, the owner of Cyberflox.

Gabo congratulates him on such a theory, but decides to kill him anyway, only to be interrupted by Fitzoo-Menga's ship to suddenly abduct Zim. Gabo is last seen along with the rest of the gangsters, watching as Zim is carried away from Cyberflox.

Facts of Doom

  • Gabo is never addressed by name in the comic, but it's listed as part of the name of his restaurant.
  • He shares his name with Gabbo, a puppet from The Simpsons.
  • Gabo may be a reference to Jabba The Hutt as they are both morbidly obese crime lords.
  • Gabo is the first alien mobster seen in the franchise.
  • Many of Gabo's henchmen appear to be the same amoeba-like species of alien.