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The Gellaxis Warden is a character who first appears in Issue 34 of the Invader Zim comic series.


The Gellaxis Warden telling Zim that his payments are overdue.

The warden is a member of the Gellaxis, who is the chief operator of the private space prison Moo-Ping 10. In this capacity, he oversees the imprisonment of aliens whom various clients pay to have locked up.

Zim is a prominent client of the Warden's, as the prison holds many of the Irken's enemies (and people he just doesn't like). However, in his first appearance, he discovers that Zim's bill is overdue (as a result of putting GIR in charge of paying it). As a result of this rules violation, he suspends Zim's account and has him detained, pending his payment of the bill. The warden also offers to free all of Zim's prisoners, as he can no longer pay to keep them locked up. Instead, the prisoners choose on staying so they can have an opportunity to take revenge on Zim for imprisoning them in the first place.

Over the next several days, Zim is repeatedly assaulted by the other prisoners. The warden is less concerned with this than he is with the fact that Zim is repeatedly beaten into a wad; due to the Gellaxis species' obsession with right angles, he finds the existence of angle-less wads to be highly offensive. Blaming Zim for the repeated presence of these wads, he posts a large guard to follow Zim at all times to prevent this from happening again.

The warden opens Issue 35 by recapping the previous issue, before being distracted by another wad. Later, when informed that Zim has managed to escape his cell with the aid of fellow prisoner Zorphic the Morphic (aka Madness the Chihuahua), he's more concerned if there are any other wads. In response to this, one of his guards comments that he's not a very good warden, which he admits to.

Despite his apparent apathy, however, the warden still confronts Zim and Zorphic in the prison's hanger bay while trying to apprehend them. But when Zim finds the updated payment was in his ship all along, he offers it to the warden, who happily accepts the money and lets Zim go. He also tries to re-imprison Zorphic, only for him to slip away in disguise aboard the Voot Runner while the warden and his guards panic over another wad.

Facts of Doom

  • The warden looks very different from his fellow Gellaxis guards, who are humanoid in appearance while he has more of a squid-like appearance. It's possible this is because, as a gelatinous race, the Gellaxis are able to reshape their physical forms as they see fit.
  • The Gellaxis Warden also seems to resemble a potato.
  • He outright admits that he's not very good at his job.