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Giant Flesh-Eating Demon Squid
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Name Giant Flesh-Eating Demon Squid
Species Giant flesh-eating demon squid
Gender Unknown
First Appearance Zim Eats Waffles

The Giant Flesh-Eating Demon Squid was one of Zim's many experiments, and was only seen in "Zim Eats Waffles".


The name it was given just about sums it up: It was an enormous, deadly squid-like abomination with a taste for flesh. Its skin was mostly white and grey, with several yellow-green eyes located above its gaping mouth, which was filled with large, needle-like fangs. Unlike the ordinary Earth squid, it was capable of moving freely on land.

In its debut, it broke out of Zim's lab and attacked the Irken while he was eating some waffles made by his robot assistant; Zim summoned his base's defenses to protect him from the Squid, but they were utterly useless in warding off the beast.

Eventually, the Flesh-Eating Demon Squid escaped the house, apparently driving away in a motorcycle, only to attack Zim again, this time with an army of Cyborg Zombie Soldiers to do its evil bidding.

Ultimately, however, the Squid was defeated by Zim, apparently armed with a toilet plunger that possessed explosive properties, presumably killing it as it was never seen again.

Facts of Doom

  • Even though it's called a "flesh-eating" demon squid, it has been seen eating ice cream given by GIR.
  • The squid is one of the main enemies in The Doom Game, with its cyborg soldiers being the second.