Homeworld Earth
Gender Female
Hair Color Dark Brown
Eye Color Grey
First Appearance When Pants Ruled! (cancelled)
Issue 8 (actual appearance)

Groyna is a jock-like girl who was to orginally set to appear in "When Pants Ruled!", but the episode was cancelled along with the TV series. She eventually made her actual debut in Issue 8 of the comic book series, a loose adaptation of the above mentioned episode. This has been her only appearance to date.


Groyna, as stated above, is a jock-like girl. She is big compared to the other Skoolchildren, despite her being around the same age as most students. She wears reddish shorts and a shirt with the number 8 on it. (Possibly a reference to the Issue's number, but this isn't confirmed.)


Groyna saves Dib from the pants that attack him in the janitor's closet, taking him to the Skool's laundry room, claiming the pants didn't like laundry. Her best friend, Sheater, was one of the humans taken over by the pants.

Groyna and Dib team up to defeat the pants, and they track down the pants' hive, hidden in a pants store. Groyna goes to distract the store's clerk, but is shocked to discover it's Sheater. Distraught, Groyna tries to save Sheater, which just attracts the attention of other pants-controlled people, who attack her. Dib awkwardly takes advantage of the distraction to enter the hidden hive in the basement.

After the pants are destroyed, Gryona and Sheater are seen tearfully reuniting.

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