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<-- Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom

Mary stands at the front of the class dressed as a fairy princess. She talks with a lisp.

Mary: And I think unicorns and dwagons are pretty! So that's why I'm a faaaiiwy pwincess for Halloween!

Ms. Bitters' desk has a rotting jack-o-lantern on it. The desk is styled for Halloween.

Ms. Bitters: I was a fairy princess once, too...

Cut to a dream world with smiling mushrooms shaking maracas near a small house at the edge of the woods. A tiny and younger Ms. Bitters as a fairy princess flies through the air. A bug zapper lantern hangs from a nearby house.

Ms. Bitters (V.O.): Everything was so nice and peaceful... 'till one day it all went horribly wrong!

The fairy princess Ms. Bitters flies into the bug zapper, scorching her and creating flashes of light. Cut back to the class. All of the students are wearing their Halloween costumes, except for Zim. Dib isn't in his seat.

Ms. Bitters: Huh, Halloween. Now it's just a shamelessly commercial ploy to turn children into candy-starved zombies!

Zim shudders.

Ms. Bitters: But it was once a nice medieval holiday.

Brian, who is wearing a bunny costume, looks at Zim and screeches. Zim screams. Ms. Bitters continues to drone on, which is only audible as 'blah, blah, blah.' Melvin, who is wearing a cardboard television set costume, looks at Zim and screeches. Zim screams. Chunk, who is wearing a pumpkin costume, looks at Zim and screeches, revealing he is wearing vampire fangs. Zim screams. Mary looks at Zim and screeches. Zim screams. Aki, who is wearing a sort of wolf man costume, looks at Zim and then picks her snout, grunting. Zim looks over at Dib's empty desk.

Zim: Huh, huh!?!

Zim screams.

Ms. Bitters: What is it now, Zim?

Zim: The Dib! He's missing! They've taken him and drained him of his sweet, sweet blood candies!

Zim ducks under his desk.

Ms. Bitters: Who's taken him?

Zim: The candy zombies!

Ms. Bitters growls. Light flashes in the hallway. Dib's screams can be heard. After another flash of light, the hallway begins to turn into a nightmarish setting, and more so with more flashes of light. A final flash of light makes the hallway return to normal. Dib runs through, screaming. Zim glances around nervously, breathing heavily.

Zim: It's like you said! The children tried to end the hunger for sweetness... in their... rumbling, undead... bellies!

Ms. Bitters: That's not what I said!

Dib bursts into the classroom, panting. Zim screams and jumps behind his desk.

Dib: Sorry... I'm late... Horrible... nightmare visions!

Ms. Bitters: It's called life, Dib. Sit down.

Dib takes his seat. Zita is wearing a butterfly costume.

Zita: Dib seems more crazy than normal today.

Zim screams.

Zim: It's starting! He's one of the zombies now! Look out for your blood!

Brian: I don't know, Z. Zim's bein' kind of wacked, yo.

When Brian says 'yo,' he says it in a really deep voice. Zim hisses in Brian's face. Dib sits at his desk, babbling.

Zita: But Dib's got a long history of crazy. For all we know, Zim's just weird.

Zim screams. The Letter M is dressed as a vampire.

The Letter M: Zim's screaming like a howler monkey. That seems more crazy than weird to me.

Zita: The Letter M has a good point, but Dib's always screaming like a howly monkey.

When Zita says "monkey", she says it in a an odd, high-pitched voice.

Dib looks at his hands. They start to disappear.

Dib: Happening... again!

Brian: Except for right now.

The Letter M: Yeah. Right now he's babbling like a maniac... monkey.

The class looks away to discuss among themselves. Zim screams as Dib completely disappears. Zim pushes up against the wall, screaming and gasping.

Zita: Okay... Maybe Brian's right.

Before anyone notices Dib has disappeared, he pops back into place.

Dib: Monsters! Hideous monsters!

Zita raises her hand.

Zita: Ms. Bitters!

The sound of gears moving is heard as Ms. Bitters jitters to life.

Ms. Bitters: Yes, Zita?

Zita: We think Dib's even crazier than normal today! Can we use one of our crazy cards to send him to the crazy house for boys?

Ms. Bitters: Each class only gets three crazy cards a month! Are you sure you want to use one?

Zita looks over at Dib. Dib is sprawled over his desk. He flips out of his desk and onto the floor. Dib starts babbling again.

Zita: Yeah.

Ms. Bitters lifts up a crazy card. A panel on her desk flips over revealing a box with the same crazy face that is on the crazy buckets. Ms. Bitters sticks the crazy card into a slot on the box. The box opens up and a metal ring lifts out. Ms. Bitters grabs the metal ring. It opens up as she brings it down on Dib. It wraps around his neck. Dib groans. Red lights on it blink.

Ms. Bitters: I've activated the crazy collar. The white coats will be here any moment.

Suddenly, the door gets busted down and two white coats, Chuck and Buck, rush in.

Whitecoat Buck: There he is! Get him!

The white coats run towards Dib. Zim stands by a hole in the wall where the door was. He glances around and then runs out into the hallway as Dib screams. He hides behind a trashcan just as the white coats burst through the wall and drag Dib away.

Zim: Soon they'll all be after my delicious guts! I must prepare the bases defenses against this Halloween madness! Heh? Huh?

Zim looks up and sees the hall monitor standing right next to him. The hall monitor's eyepiece rotates down so it covers his eye. Zim grabs the trashcan and puts it over the hall monitor while grunting. Zim runs down the hallway. Outside, both white coats drag Dib to their truck. The open up the back and toss Dib into a padded room. Dib yells. He stands up and looks out a grated window, seeing that the truck is moving. He walks over towards another grated window that separates him from the white coats, but then falls over as the truck hits a bump. Dib bounces around, grunting. Dib jumps up so that he can have a better view into the window.

Dib: Look, you don't understand!

Whitecoat Chuck: If there's one thing we understand, son, it's insanity.

Whitecoat Chuck pokes her forehead. Dib walks over to a padded wall and leans on it. Suddenly, the arm he was leaning on disappears as Dib falls against the wall. He straightens himself up and then looks at his arms as they start to disappear.

Dib: Ah! No, not again!

Dib's whole body disappears.

Dib: Noooooo!!!

Dib's head fades away. After a flash of light, Dib finds himself in a nightmare version of the truck he was in. It looks the same, except darker and with pointy things sticking out of the padded walls. He looks out of the grated window and sees buildings flash back and forth, from being normal to nightmare versions. Suddenly, a nightmare bat screeches in Dib's face. Dib backs away. The nightmare white coats start talking.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: He's the one! The one with the flashing neck! The one we've been waiting for!

Nightmare Whitecoat Chuck: She said he'd come, and he has!

Dib runs over to the grated window separating him from the nightmare white coats.

Dib: Waiting for me? What is this!?!

Nightmare Whitecoat Chuck: Shhhhh....

Nightmare Whitecoat Chuck turns his (her?) head around to look at Dib, revealing that it's a monstrous head with huge tusks.

Nightmare Whitecoat Chuck: You're talking all SPOO-KEEE!

Dib falls backwards. The two nightmare white coats start whispering and muttering to themselves. Dib's arms fade away, followed by the rest of him. After a flash of light, he ends up back in the normal white coat truck.

Dib: Who's been waiting for me?

Dib jumps up repeatedly.

Dib: Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh? Huh?

Whitecoat Buck (Confused): What are you talkin' about?

Dib: You said... the monster said... uh, oh, never mind. I'm sane you know.

Cut to Zim's house. GIR sits on the floor, out of disguise. A toy octopus sits on the floor next to him. GIR pulls out a remote and presses a button. The toy octopus starts jumping around. GIR laughs insanely. He grabs the toy octopus and places it on his head. Zim walks in.

Zim: GIR! We have to prepare the base! Tonight is a horrible Earth holiday, and—

GIR starts laughing insanely again.

Zim: GIR!

GIR suddenly starts panicking.

GIR: My taquitos!

GIR screams.

GIR: My taquitos! Eh, homina, eh... TAQUITOS!

GIR runs into the kitchen. Zim sighs. Cut to the Crazy House for Boys. The white coat truck is parked out front. Cut to an observation room. Dib is strapped into a chair with metal straps. Wires are attached to his head. A massive observation lens glares down on him from above. A team of scientists watches him from stands above, including Prof. Membrane. The purple goggled scientist stands near him, holding a can of Poop soda.

Scientist: Now Dib, tell us about these reality jumps, as you call them.

Dib: It started last night.

Flashback to Dib's house.

Dib's Voice: I was in Dad's lab making some modification to his dimensional scope, hoping to peek into spooky alternate realities...

Cut to a staircase leading down to the door to Prof. Membrane's lab. Above the door there is a sign with a picture of a brain wearing goggles along with the words "Be the brane- Professor Membrane." Cut to Prof. Membrane's lab. All kinds of neat machines fill the room.

Dib's Voice: ...Also, with Halloween coming up, I wanted some cool costume ideas.

Dib sits in a chair, looking into the dimensional scope.

Dib's Voice: See, I have this theory that some paranormal phenomenon might be the result of collisions between our world and these other dimensions.

Dib turns a knob on the chair.

Dib's Voice: I tripled the output, which was a little stupid, but I still didn't really see much. All I got was a brief flash of something, but that's it.

The lab turns into a nightmare version of the lab with shadowy creatures creeping about. Dib also sees flashes of random objects, such as ice cream, and a nightmare lamp post. The lab returns to normal.

Dib's Voice: I thought it was just a malfunction, but since then the flashes keep coming...

Dib sees flashes of nightmare creatures, including Nightmare Dib and a nightmare toilet.

Dib's Voice: ...even without the machine...

Dib sees more flashes of nightmare creatures.

Dib's Voice: ...getting longer each time!

Dib sees Count Cocofang along with more flashes of nightmare creatures. Dib screams. The flashback ends.

Prof. Membrane: So I find you here, son. Oh, I suppose it was only a matter of time. You know not to use my tools for your para-science!

Dib: Dad, I...

The scientists start conversing among themselves.

Dib: If the jumps keep getting progressively longer, as seems to be the case, it won't be long before I end up stuck. Stuck in that horrible dimension!

The scientist chuckles.

Scientist: Well Dib, hehe, we've got some bad news.

Dib: I just told you the bad news!

The scientist takes a sip from his can of poop soda.

Scientist: Yes, yes, trapped in a horrible nightmare world, very nice. Look, we've decided that you're insane. You'll be confined here for a period no shorter than the rest of your life. Enjoy your stay, bye bye.

Dib: Nooooooo!!! You don't understand!

The white coats grab Dib and rip him from the chair. There is some kind of muzzle covering Dib's mouth, muffling his screams as they carry him away. The scientist drinks from his can of poop soda.

Prof. Membrane: My poor insane son.

Dib and the white coats take the elevator to floor 13.

Dib: Listen, this place can't help me! They don't have the equipment! I need someone—

Dib screams as the white coats toss him into a padded cell. Dib runs over to a barred window at the door.

Dib: Wait, it's happening again! It's... nooooo!!!

A flash of light occurs in Dib's cell. The white coats go into the elevator and press a button labeled 'tacos'. Cut to an organic nightmare cell hanging in mid-air, where Dib is confined. Other cells hang nearby containing nightmare monsters. One monster tries to solve a Rubik's Cube. Dib looks around at the other cells. One of them contains Keef. Dib slips and moans as he slides down the slanted floor of his cell towards an opening in the cell grating, big enough for him to slide through. Oraface, a toothy nightmare monster, appears on the other side of that hole, screeching. Dib puts his feet on the grating to stop himself from sliding out. He then crawls upwards and grabs his food dish which is attached to the cell by a chain. The toothy nightmare creature screeches some more and then leaves. On the other side of the cell, Dib sees nightmare Dib. Nightmare Dib is in the shadows so Dib can only see his silhouette.

Nightmare Dib: You're him! You're the one!

Dib: The one what? I'm not the one!

Nightmare Dib: You're telling me the prophecy is wrong? 'The boy with the flashing neck will come. He will be the key to freedom... and stuff.'

Dib: Was that Nostrodamus?

Nightmare Dib: I read it on a bathroom wall...

Dib: I... gotta get out of this place.

Nightmare Dib: Then you'll have to escape your own head, 'cause that's where we are... In your head!

Dib: You're insane!

Nightmare Dib: No I'm- well... yes I am. But it's true! This whole dimension exists in your mind, Dib! Maybe that's why your head is so big!

Dib: My head's not big! Why does everyone say that!?! And how do you know my name?

Nightmare Dib: Everyone knows your name here. They're done with this place, ruined all of it! Now they want out, into the real world, and the only way out is through your head!

Dib: This world is a result of my imagination? Maybe I am crazy!

A worm-like platform slithers up towards Dib's cell, carrying the two nightmare white coats and a straight-jacket creature. A walk way forms between the worm platform and the cell. The cell opens up. One of the nightmare white coats is holding an ice cream cone full of green ice cream.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: Neck blinking boy!

The face on Nightmare Whitecoat Buck's shoulder pad comes alive and takes a bite out of the ice cream. Nightmare white coat Buck punches the face and it makes a high pitched yell. Nightmare white coat Buck takes a bite from the ice cream.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: It's time to go!

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck laughs. The straight-jacket creature runs over to Dib. It wraps itself around him.

Dib: Where?

Nightmare Dib steps into the light, revealing that he is also in a straight-jacket and has lobotomy scars.

Nightmare Dib: Right through your big head!

The straight-jacket runs back to the worm platform. The cell closes behind them.

Dib: My head's not big!

The walkway connecting the cell and the worm platform disappears, as the worm platform starts to lower down. Cut to the outside of the nightmare version of the Crazy House for Boys. They all head for a Nightmare version of the white coat truck. Nightmare Whitecoat Buck holds a drink while Chuck holds a hotdog.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: The machine's almost ready!

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck opens the back of the truck.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: Soon the time will be right!

A flash of light occurs. The nightmare white coat turns around and sees that Dib is no longer in the straight jacket creature.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: He's gone! Oh no!

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck takes a sip from his drink.

Nightmare Whitecoat Chuck: Go on! I like it when you do those speeches all scary like!

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: Hmm, okay. But then we go tell the boss what happened.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck clears his throat and shuts the back of the truck.

Nightmare Whitecoat Buck: Soon the time will be right for—

Cut to the normal world. Dib runs away from the Crazy House for Boys, wearing a real straight-jacket while panting. Dib sees Zim's house and stops running.

Dib: It's the only chance!

In Zim's neighborhood, trick or treaters fill the streets. Zim's door and windows are boarded up. Zim works on hammering another board on the window. GIR sits on the floor out of disguise, playing with his toy octopus. Zim drops his mallet.

Zim: They've mutated, GIR! They were disgusting before but this hunger makes them even more!

Zim looks in the opening in the boarded-up window. He sees a bunch of trick or treaters walk into his front yard. Zim gasps!

Zim: They're coming!

Zim hides behind the couch. He pulls out a handheld radar view screen that shows a bunch of dots coming towards him. Zim groans.

Trick or Treaters (O.S.): Trick or treat!

Zim screams. The trick or treaters start reaching their hands in through the openings between the boards.

Zim: GIR, activate the defenses!

GIR eats his toy octopus and picks up the remote.

GIR: Hmm... hmm... hmm...

The satellite on the house retracts. A bunch of laser cannons emerge in its place. The lasers start shooting. Dib breaks through a window right above Zim. He is no longer in a straight-jacket. Zim falls backwards.

Zim: Get away from my blood!

Dib: Zim, I know how weird this is gonna—

Zim: GIR! Stop him! Defensive mode!

GIR hums as he walks over towards the window Dib broke through and leaps out.

Dib: I don't have time for this! The next jump may be the last one and I'll be stuck there forever! They're gonna do something to my head! Something evil!

Trick or treaters (O.S.): Trick or treat!

Dib: My head's not big!

Zim: I didn't say anything about your head..

Dib: You're the only one who can help!

Zim: Help!?! You!?!

Dib: My dad won't let me use his equipment and I need to reverse the effect!

Zim: Help!?! You!?! Come to me, your greatest, most amazing enemy? Your future slave master and you ask for help!?!

Dib: You're the only other person with the technology to—

Zim: Be gone with you! I've had enough of your nonsense from your smelly mouth filled with... corn!

Dib: I haven't been eating corn!

Zim: LIAR!

Zim tries to push Dib out of the window. Dib grunts as he holds onto the window frame. Dib's arms start disappearing. As he disappears, Zim fades out with him. Dib groans as they disappear.

Trick or Treaters: Trick or treat! Trick or treat!

Zim and Dib reappear in the nightmare version of Zim's house. They fall to the floor.

Hummelflesh: The one whose neck blinks!

Zim and Dib look up to see a bunch of nightmare creatures clinging to the ceiling.

Hummelflesh: We've been expecting you!

Zim: The Halloweenies!

Zim and Dib scream as they run for the door. They run out and shut the door behind them as the nightmare creatures drop to the floor. Out in an alleyway in the nightmare world, a nightmare cat licks a severed tentacle. The nightmare cat hears Zim and Dib running towards it. It hisses and jumps away with the tentacle in its mouth. Zim and Dib rest in the alleyway, panting.

Zim: Where are we?

Dib: Some kind of alternate universe. It's based on my imagination somehow

Zim: And you brought me here!?! You sickening troublesome human!

Zim's robotic spider legs extend from his Irken Utility Pack. Zim towers over Dib.

Dib: Hey! The only way back home is through my head! Anything happens to me and you're stuck here, forever!

Zim grunts.

Zim: Curse you!

Zim's mechanical spider legs retract and he falls to the ground.

Zim: Wait, I can still do stuff to your legs, right?

Dib: I guess but- Wait! No!

Zim: Guh, curse you! Well, this is your imaginary world, think of some way out of here!

Dib grunts as he tries to pull off his crazy collar.

Dib: Well, we can't go back to your house. We should try my house. Maybe there's a version of the dimensional scope there!

Dib shakes as they here the hooting of a nightmare owl. Zim yelps.

Zim: Maybe there's something there we can use to defend ourselves as well...

Dib: Good thinking.

Above the alleyway, the nightmare cat scampers along a thin branch-like thing connecting two buildings. Zim and Dib run along in the brush towards the residential area. They stop when they see the nightmare creatures walking down the street towards them. They hide behind a tree.

Zim: I hate Halloween...

Hummelflesh's eyes widen.

Hummelflesh: Hmmm? Hmm...

All of the monsters stop. Hummelflesh looks over at the tree that Zim and Dib are hiding behind. The light from Dib's crazy collar can be seen pulsing.

Hummelflesh: Hmm. Look, it's blinky!

The other monsters start running and leaping towards the tree. Hummelflesh eats handfuls of food from a can that he is holding.

Hummelflesh: Do want you want with the rest of him, just save his head!

Dib gasps and breathes heavily as he rips the crazy collar off of his neck. He puts it on Zim.

Zim: What are you-?

Dib tosses Zim out from behind the tree.

Zim: Oh, you wretched-!

Dib (Imitating a monster): Arr, he's the one! Arrr!

The nightmare creatures stare at Zim. They growl at him. Zim screams and starts running away. One nightmare creature leaps over Zim, blocking his path. It has a hollow inside with a caged-off opening in its chest. Zim tries running away from this nightmare creature, but it uses a tentacle with a mouth at the end to suck Zim into its hollow body. Zim groans as he falls into a pool of slime in the monster's hollow body.

Zim: I'll get you Dib! You stinking human!

The nightmare creature starts hopping away, followed by more nightmare creatures. Giggles falls down and lays motionless. The Admiral stops to look at Giggles and then continues moving. Dib scampers off. The nightmare creatures go into a nightmare version of the Skool. Inside, a large device is pointed at Zim who is attached to a table. The nightmare creatures have gathered around.

Zim: Hey, let me go before something horrible happens to me! Or else!

Hummelflesh holds an ice cream cone. He chuckles and then eats the ice cream in one bite. He then walks over to a throne where nightmare Bitters sits.

Hummelflesh: We brought him for you! His neck flashes and everythang!

Zim: This isn't mine! That miserable Dib, he—

Nightmare Bitters: Silence!

Lightning strikes. Nightmare Bitters leaps down from her throne. She walks over to Zim. Zim gasps.

Nightmare Bitters: This is the wrong one! You failed me!

Hummelflesh starts shaking. Nightmare Bitters leaps over to Hummelflesh.

Nightmare Bitters: You will be condemned to the realm of eternal screaming and, oh, restlessness!

She points over to a massive door. It opens, revealing fire on the other side.

Hummelflesh: But I don't really wanna go there!

Nightmare Bitters: You'll just have to accept it. Here's your ticket.

She lifts up a suitcase and a ticket. His eyes widen and water. Hummelflesh takes the ticket and suitcase and walks over to the door leading to the realm of eternal screaming and restlessness. He stops and looks back at the other nightmare creatures.

Hummelflesh: Well, see ya guys...

He puts on a hat and walks into the realm of eternal screaming and restlessness. The others wave to him while saying their goodbyes. They gasp as the flames get bigger. The door shuts. Nightmare Bitters scratches her nose. She looks over towards Zim. All of the nightmare creatures run away except Yolk.

Nightmare Bitters: As for this one...

Nightmare Bitters leaps over to where Zim is.

Nightmare Bitters: ...he may prove useful.

Nightmare Bitters laughs.

Nightmare Bitters: Man I'm spooky!

Cut to the nightmare version of the neighborhood. Dib approaches his nightmare house. He hears Yolk coming and hides behind a trashcan. Yolk walks down the street speaking into a megaphone.

Yolk: We have your little friend! We will destroy him if you do not surrender your head to us!

Dib: Zim's not my friend! You can keep him!

Dib throws a can at Yolk. It hits him in the head. Cut to the nightmare Skool. Nightmare bats fly through the air. Dancing skeletons wearing top hats and partial suits appear. Inside, Yolk slowly approaches Nightmare Bitters' throne. He now has a band aid on his head.

Yolk: Um... I did what you said.

Nightmare Bitters: And?

Yolk: He said we could destroy his friend. Then he threw a can at my head. It hurt.

Zim: Oh, that little worm pig weasel pig!

Lightning flashes. Nightmare Bitters screams. The door to the realm of eternal screaming and restlessness opens. Yolk walks towards it holding a suitcase. He stops to look back at the other monsters, his eyes watering. The other monsters wave and say their goodbyes. While they are distracted, Zim slips out of the bonds attaching him to the table. He crawls away. Cut to the outside of the nightmare Skool. Zim is on the roof. He slides down the front of the building. He slips at the very bottom and falls in the mud. He gets up, growling.

Zim: Dib drags me into his ugly mind then sacrifices me! If his head weren't so crucial to my escape-

Zim grunts as he rips the crazy collar off of his neck. He throws it away.

Zim: I only hope poor GIR is alright by himself... against those zombies!

Cut to the normal world. Trick or treaters run by screaming. A kid wearing a devil costume and Aki in her wolfman costume) run by screaming. Chunk (in his jack-o-lantern costume) stops in the middle of the street screaming. Kids dressed as a mummy and a space creature run by screaming. Melvin (in his TV set costume) runs by screaming. A kid dressed as bride of Frankenstein, Zita (in her spaceman costume), and Mary (in her fairy princess costume), and Tae (who wears a Godzilla-like costume) run screaming. Mary stops running.

Mary: It's after my candy!

GIR, in his dog disguise, plummets from the sky and knocks Mary over. He squeals happily as he throws handfuls of candy into his mouth. He licks up candy and then crawls into the paper bag Mary used to keep her candy in. He bursts out. He tackles Willy (who was in a superhero costume). Willy's underwear (which he was wearing on the outside) flies off. Cut to Dib's nightmare house. Dib runs inside. He walks over to a door leading to Membrane's lab. As he grabs the handle, Nightmare Membrane materializes in front of him, forcing him to take a step back.

Nightmare Membrane: So, I find you here. It was only a matter of time!

Dib: Dad!?!

Nightmare Membrane's goggles extend on stalks and he wiggles his clawed fingers as he laughs. Dib makes a run for it. Nightmare Membrane's coat extends into tentacles which wrap around Dib's feet. Dib falls to the ground. Nightmare Gaz hops in front of him, drinking 'Dark Juice'.

Nightmare Gaz: We're gonna open your head!

She laughs evilly and then takes a sip from her 'Dark Juice'. She then laughs evilly some more. She takes another sip and then laughs some more. Nightmare Membrane slides over to Dib. Dib looks up at Nightmare Membrane. Nightmare Membrane grabs Dib in his clawed hand and lifts him by his head. Outside, Zim walks towards Dib's nightmare house. He hears Dib and then hides behind a trashcan.

Dib: No! Naa!

Dib screams. The door opens and Nightmare Gaz hops out. Nightmare Membrane slides behind her carrying Dib in his hand. Nightmare Membrane laughs evily.

Dib: Oh no! No!

Nightmare Membrane: I'm floating!

Zim: Oh come on! I break free and now I have to go back to rescue that little rat that left Zim to rot!?! Why must it be!?!

Zim looks at Dib's nightmare house. Zim walks inside. He opens the door to Nightmare Membrane's lab and runs down the stairs.

Zim: Oh where is it? Where is the scope?

Zim frantically searches through the lab.

Zim: Where is it? Where is it? Hmm...

Zim finds the the scope and picks it up. He looks into it, screams, and drops it. He picks it back up.

Zim: What is that!?!

Cut to the inside of the nightmare Skool. The massive device lowers to face Dib who is now attached to the table. The monsters are gathered around. One of them holds a balloon.

Nightmare Bitters: My revolting minions! At last the time has come! Today, we'll have a whole new world to ravage! As soon as we open the portal in Dib's head, the fun will begin once more!

The monsters cheer.

Monster (O.S.): Dib's head rocks!

Dib: Don't I get any say in this?

The monsters look at Dib angrily.

Nightmare Bitters: Let the head... thingy... start!

The device roars to life.

Nightmare Bitters: Oh, that was stupid. I should've written a speech. D'oh, head thingy!?!

The Enigma: No... You, you did good! It was great!

Dib struggles to escape. The tip of the device begins to light up.

Nightmare Bitters: No use fighting, child. No use.

A beam shoots from a small crystal that is strapped to Dib's forehead and into the device.

Nightmare Bitters: Soon, my army will march through your disturbingly large head and onto victory!

Dib (Thinking): Maybe my head is big...

Zim pilots a large robot through the wall of the nightmare Skool. Dib grunts. All of the nightmare creatures back away.

Dib: Zim!

Zim looks disgruntled. The robot walks towards Dib. As it walks forward, the monsters walk backwards. Mechanical tentacles fling out of the back of robot and rip Dib from the table. The beam of light still shoots from Dib's forehead. The tentacles hold Dib in front of Zim.

Dib: Oh, come on! You're not mad about that whole 'leaving you to rot' thing, are you?

Zim's eye twitches. The tentacles squeeze Dib.

Dib: Organs... exploding...

The tentacles relax their grip.

Zim: I'm not here because I like you, Dib. I'm just here for your filthy gargantuan head!

Dib: Oh, now it's gargantuan!?!

The tentacles move Dib to the back of the robot. More mechanical tentacles extend from the robot. Zim presses some buttons on the levers excitedly. The tentacles squirt goo all over the monsters.

Monsters: Oh, ewww... Oh, sick!

Nightmare Bitters growls. She starts to morph into a more menacing creature. He legs swell up into larger legs and four more legs sprout from her. Spines sprout from her side and her abdomen expands. The tentacles on her back extend. The monsters back away from her.

Monsters: Ew...

The robot jumps out the hole in the wall and hops away.

Nightmare Bitters: Find them! That kid is our only hope!

The Enigma: Uhhh, o-okay... Oh, oh, oooh.. Uhhh, uhh, oh, okay... Um, hmm...

The Enigma eats a chip. Cut to a trench. The robot is above the trench squirting goo in random directions. Zim uses his spider legs to crawl down the trench wall. They retract back into his Irken Utility Pack. Dib leans against the trench wall, looking at the beam shooting from his forehead.

Zim: I've set the robot thing for auto-defense.

Dib sticks his finger in the beam and struggles to pull it back out.

Zim: It'll buy us some time will we use this thing to widen the portal in your stinking head!

Dib: I don't really know how to use that.

Zim: Irken babies have used more complicated things as play toys. I'll figure it out.

Zim shoves the scope into the beam. He pushes it into Dib's head.

Dib: Hey! Quit it! That's my head!

The robot explodes. Zim looks up to robot pieces fall into the trench. Nightmare Bitters walks through the smoke.

Zim: There! That should be wide enough!

Dib: What about me!?! How do I get back!?!

Zim: Good question! (pauses) But I don't care!

Zim lets go of the scope. It socks into Dib's head leaving a wide beam coming from his forehead. Zim jumps into the beam. He twirls as he gets sucked in, as if he were getting flushed down a toilet. Cut to the real world. Trick or treaters lie on the ground in pain, groaning. GIR, now morbidly obese, lies on a pile of candy with chocolate bar stains on his dog suit. A flash of light occurs in the sky and the scope shoots down, followed by Zim, who shoots down, screaming. He goes through the candy GIR is resting on and flies through the air. He groans as he hits the ground and bounces so he hits his fence. Cut back to the nightmare world. Nightmare Bitters corners Dib in the trench. Her minions are right behind her.

Nightmare Bitters: There! Through that hole!

Dib moans as he lifts his feet up into the hole and sucks himself through his own head.

Nightmare Bitters: Nooooo!!!

Cut back to the real world. Dib falls from the sky, inside out. He hits the fence and lands next to Zim. He turns himself right-side out and pulls a lollipop out of his mouth. The portal in his head starts closing.

Dib: We... we made it! I made it!

Zim: As soon as my skeleton stops being broken, I'm going to destroy you, Dib.

Dib licks the lollipop. Dib screams and drops the lollipop, as Nightmare Bitters forces her way through the portal. She sticks her head into the real world.

Nightmare Bitters: At last, a new perfect world for me to—

Nightmare Bitters groans as she sees Meelina dressed as a ninja lying on the ground. She looks at Chunk in his jack-o-lantern costume.

Nightmare Bitters: Oh, disgusting!

Nightmare Bitters groans as she looks at Hitzi the Pain Oracle in a wizard costume, and then at Willy in his superhero costume.

Nightmare Bitters: Oh, look at the head on that one!

Nightmare Bitters groans as she looks at Rob. She groans as she looks at Gretchen and Morla. She groans as she looks at Brian.

Nightmare Bitters: Oh, I'm gonna—

She groans as she looks at Spoonita dressed as a mime. She looks at another kid and then Mathew P. Mathers III and Zita.

Nightmare Bitters: Such horrible doodads!

She looks at another kid and then another dressed up at a bug.

Nightmare Bitters: Oh boy.

She looks at the morbidly obese GIR. Flies buzz around him. GIR groans. GIR sticks a handful of candy into his slightly sticky mouth and burps out unusual bubbles. GIR hiccups. Nightmare Bitters screams. She pulls herself back through. The portal in Dib's head closes.

Dib: Well, I'll, uh, see you guys at school!

Dib scampers off. Zim groans. Dib comes back to grab his lollipop. He takes a lick of it then runs away.