Hobo 13 (Planet)
Hobo 13 (Planet).png
Name Hobo 13 (Planet)
Located On Outer Space
Known Residents Hobos
First Appearance Hobo 13

Hobo 13 is a desert-like planet in alliance with the Irken Empire. Trainees from all over the galaxy hoping to become skilled soldiers come here to participate in a series of difficult trials. The two Irken leaders, the Almighty Tallest, sent Zim and Invader Skoodge to Hobo 13, hoping that they would either be killed or badly injured.

The planet is home to the Hobos, a race who identify themselves by numbers. They are huge humanoids with brownish-green skin and metal on their heads. It's also home to the savage Hogulus.

Hobo 13 landscape.

The planet's landscape is very rocky, with no seen plants, meaning that the soil may not be fertile. There are many canyons, which means that the rain may be corrosive, or the planet is prone to earthquakes.

The planet made its only appearance in the episode of the same name.

Facts of Doom

  • Hobo 13 somewhat resembles planet Dooq since they are both desert worlds, have yellow skies, and presumably teeming with plenty of dangerous creatures. The only difference is that Dooq seems to be devoid of intelligent life.
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