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Sergeant Hobo 678 was in charge of Zim's training session on Hobo 13.
Hobo 13

Sergeant Hobo 678 barking orders.

When the time came for Zim's team to pick a leader, Sergeant Hobo 678 told them to choose carefully, as their success would depend on their leader's competence. However, Zim voted himself before the Sergeant could even finish his sentence, and won by default of silence. Zim then went on to get all his teammates eliminated, to the extreme disgust of Sergeant Hobo 678.

The Sergeant ultimately fought Zim, and was gaining the upper hand until Zim used his technique of siphoning energy from the Sergeant's suit into his; this gave Zim the power to knock him out of the ring they were dueling in and win. Sergeant Hobo 678 and Skoodge were soon attacked by the dreaded Hogulus that appeared earlier in the episode, with the Sergeant hypocritically bashing Skoodge against the head of the beast in an attempt to get him free of its mouth. He was never heard from again following this event, implying he was killed.

Behind the Scenes

Sergeant Hobo 678 was voiced by the late legendary R. Lee Ermey, a former drill sergeant famous for his role as Gunnery Sergeant Hartman in the film Full Metal Jacket. Since then, he has spent much of his acting career playing similar characters, many of them parodies of his "hard-edged drill sergeant" image.

Facts of Doom

  • He is one of the few characters that has ever truly scared or intimidated Zim, alongside Gaz and Sizz-Lorr. However, this did not stop Zim from engaging in his customary gloating after defeating the Sergeant.
  • The Hobo species all have the same name, followed by some number in order to avoid confusion as seen with Sergeant Hobo 678.
  • According to the Zim e-cards, Sergeant Hobo 678 lost his arm and eye because he opened a bag of chips the wrong way.
  • Also, according to the e-cards, he is responsable for training fierce warriors such as Hobo 675, Hobo 676, Hobo 677, and Invader Skoodge.