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Sergeant Hobo 678.

The Hobo race hails from the military planet Hobo 13. They seem to be in alliance with the Irken Empire, as their world welcomes Irkens such as Zim and Skoodge in their training programs.

The Hobo species all have the same name, followed by some number, in order to avoid confusion, as seen with Sergeant Hobo 678 who was the only member of the species to make an appearance in the series. However, it's mentioned that he also trained the warriors Hobo 675, 676, and 677.

Since Hobo 13 is a very rocky and unforgiving planet, the species had to quickly adapt to its environment and apparently took advantage of their home world's harsh conditions in order to train not just themselves but other alien races who seek to become soldiers in their own right.

It can be assumed that because they are quite tall and intimidating that the Tallest decided to have an alliance with the Hobo race in the first place.

Facts of Doom

  • The Hobo species seem to resemble a hybrid between a human and an Irken.
  • No female Hobos have been seen, so it's unknown what they look like or if they also share the tradition of being named "Hobo" like their male counterparts.
  • It's unknown why everyone on the planet shares the same name.
  • The race's name is ironic, seeing as they are the opposite of what it means on Earth.